Frostbite radical

Any update on this?

Frostbite radical is introduced in level 32, but not used until level 52.

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99% sure this has been mentioned before, and 99% sure its been stated that these instances will disappear once the long-in-progress radical update finally hits (not meant to sound hostile or snarky if it came across that way :grinning:.


I linked the place where it was mentioned before, so I knew that much… :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, good to know that all such level changes are waiting for the big radical overhaul of 2025.


Oh, I completely missed the link! Long day at work. :laughing: I thought I recall actually seeing a WK team member post referring to Frostbite at some point, but I have terribly realistic dreams, so who knows? :smirk:

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