Free Japanese/Bilingual booklet/book


For those who are interested in Buddhism, or are Buddhist, there is:
~ a Japanese booklet “Buddha’s Teachings” which is 36 pages
~ a Japanese hardcover book “The Teachings of Buddha” which is 309 pages
~ a Japanese/English hardcover book “The Teachings of Buddha” which is 609 pages and really cool because it has the English and Japanese on opposite pages. So if you’re struggling to understand a word/phrase/sentence, this can help. Some of the kanji have furigana, some do not.

I have the first and the third.

[Note: Out of respect for the organization providing this for free, you should probably not utilize this if you have zero interest in Buddhism.]

The Teachings of Buddha

4 free booklets, one is in Japanese


I see they also have free PDF downloads. However they are all in English. Or is there perhaps a Japanese PDF book to download?


I have no idea, I’m sorry. I initially had some wonky search going on when I first discovered this in Decemberish, maybe you could try contacting them?


These two on the Japanese site are free, but it looks like you have to request by mail or fax (or maybe phone), which seems weird for a download, unless I’m misunderstanding (I kinda just scanned over, tbh).


Thanks for sharing.