Found Catcher in the Rye locally

Went to a nearby used bookstore this evening. While there was a big section of Manga, I saw they were just English. Near the language materials, there was a small part with Japanese-language manga and a short stack of pocket sized books.

I don’t know much Japanese but I picked up a few books. Not sure what they are as Google Translate couldn’t make it out very well, but I was surprised to find a copy of Catcher in the Rye translated to Japanese.

There were other books that looked to be for women so I left those behind.

Now, maybe someday I will know enough to read these books. Kinda excited. hopefully that doesn’t wear off too soon. :slight_smile:


I feel you.
I have > 20 manga books (mostly ebooks than a physical manga book) and I always have that feeling. Japanese exposure (not only reading these books in Japanese, but also listening to other Japanese media) after what I’ve learnt on WK & BP is fun. And also WK bookclub is often helpful.

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That is a really cool find.

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My local used bookstore had a few Japanese books as well last time i looked several months ago. I think I will check out the section again tomorrow, since I have to run some errands and do some things and check back with my findings :smiley:

Cool! I believe that Haruki Murakami did the translation that generally exists. I’ve been thinking about reading it at some point since I love both CITR and Haruki.