Found an N3 Book; Is it Good?

Hey JLPT taking hivemind (esp. N3) folks,

So I wanna take the JLPT N3 in either June or December, and I was visiting a friend’s house which just happened to have this book lying around in it:

The publication date is 2010– is this thing still current enough to be useful?
A thousand thank yous (and some likes and celebratory gifs) for anyone who can provide useful info :smirk:

Well, it’s from 2010, which means after they changed the system from 4 levels to 5 levels in 2009. And if you can borrow it from your friend, it’s free. So it can’t hurt. However, newer JLPT training books (published in 2016/2017) aren’t that expensive either. They range from 15 to 20 US dollars from