Forum: Auto-bulleting on lists interacts weirdly with Japanese IME

First of all, before going negative, I’d like to say that I’ve noticed some nice quality-of-life improvements on the forum recently, such as the table editor; nice work, whoever did that!

One new feature that seems nice at first is that when you’re making

  • a
  • bullet
  • list

the forum will automatically add the "* " when you hit enter. Unfortunately, it seems that it also activates when you hit Enter to choose a word from the Japanese IME. For example, let’s say I’m making a list of kanji I like, and I want to add 気.
The problem does not occur in all browsers; see table below.

Keyboard input:


Desired output:

* 気

Actual output:

* 気*

This becomes especially frustrating when you want to enter a whole phrase.

Desired output:

* 気を配る

Actual output:

* 気* を* 配る*

Suggestion: Either remove the auto-bulleting or add a setting to turn it off.

Tested on:

Browser / OS Windows 10 macOS
Firefox :imp: :imp:
Chrome :slight_smile: :imp:
Safari (not tested) :imp:
Edge :slight_smile: (not tested)

Added details:

Interestingly, this never happens on the first line of a bulleted list; it starts from the second line.
Even if the list contains n > 1 items, the problem only occurs when entering Japanese text on lines [2:n], never on line 1.

† This is a strictly hypothetical scenario; I don’t actually care much for the kanji 気. I only chose it because it requires very few keystrokes.

Update: I’ve posted my observations over on the Discourse meta forum.
Interestingly, I can’t reproduce the bug there; it only happens on the WaniKani forums for me.


This is an issue to do with the engine behind the forums most likely, aka discourse.

You probably want to make a post on their meta forum


Thank you! I was wondering what system this was, but couldn’t figure it out.

It seems there are some threads one automatic bullet issues over there, so I’ll try adding my observations over there.


I have been using this work around for now

  • テスト
  • 猫*
  • 象*
  • 豚*
  • 栗鼠*



An update from the Discourse Meta forums:

Apparently, they’ve been working on lists quite actively recently, which ended up producing some janky behavior (see this thread). It seems they’ve fixed this now, because it works fine over on the Meta forums.

They pushed a fix as recently as yesterday, so hopefully the issue will be resolved here the next time the WaniKani forum updates to the latest version.

Update: The issue appears to have been resolved here as well.