Foreign Friends

This weekend my Japanese friend came to Melbourne, and I gave her a decent tour around Melbourne. After 4 days I am suitably sick of Melbourne but she loved it!

Have you guys ever had foreign friends visit and if so, what culture differences did you notice?

I’ll start:

  • My friend was terrified of tattoos (because of yakuza affiliations in Japan), but quickly got used to it, especially when she noticed many police officers have them.
  • Autumn leaves are apparently huge compared to this in Japan. Wasn’t sure what to think when I showed her some amazing buildings around melbourne and she was obsessing over the size of the leaves on the ground
  • Hot springs experiences for them are completely different because 1) Japanese Onsen are separated by sex and 2) many people have tattoos…
  • I have a new appreciation for fish and chips…

Any one else with similar experience?

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