Forecasting Reviews on the Dashboard

This looks super clean, I’m excited!

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First of all, thank you for the hard work! I know it’s hard when you’ve put in so much effort and have to read everyone’s critiques. Overall it looks very good.

The feedback consensus seems to be, though, that lots of people use “Utlimate Timeline” (myself included) and have been hoping the update would obviate that (the most recent release of “Ultimate Timeline” is doing weird things with my google chrome and CPU performance, so having this built into the website would be huge).

You’re almost all the way there. The reviews thing on the right is very nice and very compact. If we could mouse over that and get the “Ultimate Review” style list of the specific radicals/kanji that would be perfect!

I’d also love it if it was easy to mouse over things like the “Apprentice” number and see what things were in there.

But kudos for all the work you do!


I don’t think the change to the homepage is necessary. As many others have mentioned, these large buttons hide a lot of information. You should have just created a official version of Ultimate Timeline and called it a day to be honest…

If its not broke don’t fix it.


I love the big illustrations. I would defend them with my life.


I took a second look at this, with the new changes, and it’s not too bad now, though I still prefer the current look.
My current screen size makes it look like this:

And that does show most of the information I’d want to see.

There are two bits of information that I feel like are missing at a glance. First, the time until next review seems to be gone. Yes, it is implied in the review forecast, but I actually liked the big “8 minutes until next review”. I don’t always keep track of the current time, so “in 8 minutes” is a lot more useful to me than “at 10pm”. Second, the review forecast would be a lot more useful if the days weren’t all collapsed. If I expand them all, it’s a bit too long for that area and makes a scrollbar, so I can see the issue there. I’d suggest as a solution to either add an “expand all” button at the top (in the section title maybe), or just expand a certain number of days (maybe 3).

I’d also say that I think it would be better if the ratio of image size to number size on the lesson/review buttons was a bit more equal. At the very least, it would be more useful to have the numbers bigger.


It definitely looks really nice, but I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of the forecast. Perhaps if there was more functionality in the timeline, or if it was better laid out. But as it stands, the redesign is essentially pushing all the information that I mostly care about further down.

I love the illustrated buttons, they’re really wonderful. But they are comically large and, as per my previous point, just push information further down.

Perhaps make the buttons a little smaller and put more information in the forecast? As it stands, I’m not entirely sure how to use it.

Super excited to see how it turns out!


As someone who does not depend on scripts to use WK, I really don’t care if the forecaster is better than ultimate timeline. Based on screenshots of if, I would hate to be forced to have that mess on my dashboard.
As far as we know at this point, if you like your ultimate timeline, you can keep it even after the new dashboard goes live next week. Someone will probably write a script to hide the built-in timeline for those who don’t want it.
Not everyone wants or needs the same user experience. Some of us are happy without the extra info.
Thanks you WK staffers for making the effort to develop the site but please do not swing too far in the direction of trying to satisfy the vocal minority. (Do you all have a way of determining who uses scripts vs who doesn’t? Should we make a poll?:wink:)


I must be blind but how do you even pull this statistic up on your dashboard? I dont see the option anywhere on mine.

I think it’s a great way to bring some of the useful timeline features from mobile apps and the Ultimate Timeline script into the base site without some of the information overload of Ultimate Timeline.

I had no problem following the new timeline - +34 means 34 new reviews, and the number next to it is how many reviews you’ll have. That’s actually really useful information that Ultimate Timeline doesn’t do.

Two suggestions:

  • the Reviews button, with no reviews, should say instead when the next review will be. It’s a lot of real-estate for a disabled button.
  • it’d be useful if we could get indications on the timeline if a review in that set will guru the item, will burn the item, or will cause a level-up.

It’s a userscript. You have to install it separately.

Wow! Looking at the new dashboard makes me think I’m a superhero (or a power ranger?) behind the controls of a super cool machine! Wait Wait! I am a superhero and the super cool machine is the Crabigator!!!

How does one go about doing that?


This is a great suggestion. Not only would it give a use for the review button space, but it would also add the time until next review back into the dashboard, which is something I feel weird not having.


I personally like the the new design (using a Mac if that helps). Would be nicer if there was a slight change when clicking the larger review buttons (maybe a change in opacity or increase in size)

I like the new forecast feature.
I’m personally not a fan of the giant picture buttons, since I usually use wanikani at work and the pictures make the page look a bit childish. I would like it better if the buttons contained more information as someone suggested above, such as how long until your next review.


Them giant lesson/review buttons are a bit much soo… whipped this up real fast before bed.
Not well tested, and will likely need css updates when styles get removed (assuming they’ll do good cleanup)


I’m really glad WaniKani is integrating features of community-favorite userscripts into the core experience, and I think it’s a great idea to move in this direction. It won’t replace the timeline tool I use now, as it has more features and is easier for me to read at a glance, but I can imagine this will be welcome change for vanilla users. The design looks sleek as always!


Yup, as Leebo said, just look up “How to install userscripts” and “Best script collection” in the forum search to get you started

At the end of Thursday, yes, 330 (if you do no reviews).