Forced Katakana in Chrome (Mobile) - WRONG Reviews!

As many will appreciate, doing reviews on the go or throughout the day is almost quintessential to using WK effectively. However, when I try lessons or reviews on mobile in Chrome, even though I’m using a standard English keyboard something is forcing some of the characters into katakana. As in the below example, the り is forced to リ, however, curiously the つ stays in hiragana.

The end result here is that I’m being forced to fail reviews and lessons are also coming out incorrectly, rendering WK virtually impossible to use on mobile. Any tips or suggestions to rectify this problem would be hugely appreciated!

Try to turn off auto capitalization. When you type upper case you get katakana.


Thank you so much. How silly of me not to realise this was the cause of the problem even when only the first character was Katakana. It seems so obvious now. However, I do wish there was a button on the UI to force one input on mobile, having to mess around with my keyboard settings for WK and switch them back again after every time is quite inconvenient.

If you download the WK App for Android, one of the features it has is better keyboard control: it has an overlay for the IME which tells your keyboard not to do capitalization (on mine it actually switches to the password keyboard).

It also has a few other features, but already that makes it better than just using the web browser.

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