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Having lived in Japan for 18 years and having done some previous kanji study, I find that at level eight I already know most of the kanji and vocabulary. I am getting frustrated having to repeatedly type in responses when I know the material well. What I would like is a way to force those items to GURU and not have to constantly deal with them. If there is a way to do this I have not found it. Has any one else found a way around this?


This topic comes up a lot and the answer is always, “Nope.”

I presume one could, if they had the time, skills, and inclination implement a bot that automatically does one’s reviews for them, but you still need to wait out the SRS timing.


It is still better to do it because they introduce mnemonics that you use for the 60 levels.


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As @skatefriday senpai already mentioned there are no shortcuts.

In the following lvl 60 post a fellow durtle reviewed their WK journey being an advanced learner already:

Maybe it helps to keep you motivated :slight_smile:


Going by how I personally feel and by experiences others shared with me, I feel like WK is not the best resource if you’re anything but a complete beginner. Not to say that there aren’t any advanced folks that enjoy(ed) the ride, however I do think that these are an exception.

WK presumes zero prior knowledge (apart from hiragana but that’s a weekend’s worth of work), no self discipline and no studying hygiene. If you have any of those, chances are some things out there will work better.


Thank you skatefriday, KyokaJiro, tis and Adiost for your input. It seems that many of the members are serious students looking to reach a certain level or pass proficiency tests. I’m just an old retired guy wanting to add some kanji to make my life in Japan a little easier. Maybe WaniKani is not right for me. But, except for my above complaint, I am enjoying it. Have to do some more thinking about this.


Have you had a look at the level pages, and which kanji come up each level? You can see at which point the material starts to become mew for you, and how long it would take to get there. If it seems an acceptable wait time, you can then start to build a routine with WK that wouldn’t take up too much of your time, but would keep the pace up. In the meantime, I would look into installing some scripts that can help with typos and such, if that is an issue for you. That will reduce frustration as you slog through well known material, but make needless mistakes. For example if you enter a previously learned meaning, that WK doesn’t (yet) accept, for some reason.

I like [Userscript]: Double-Check (Version 2.x), which comes complete with lightning mode, reducing the amount of time you spend on reviews.


Thank you Saida for the useful tips. I checked the levels and found that I will soon encounter a larger percentage of kanji and vocabulary that I need to learn. Typos are a problem, so I installed that script. Thanks to your help I think I will continue WaniKani for now.


I don’t remember when I started doing it, but I eventually started using one of those double-check scripts to force/guarantee correct answers on apprentice-level items in order to A) help me level-up faster, and to B) lighten the overall review workload (since the largest brunt of it is lower-level SRS items)

Just be careful that you don’t abuse the script and cheat yourself out of learning, using it only VERY sparingly otherwise, and you’ll be fine :wink:


And here am I who thought that my self studying discipline helps me to go through WK levels😓


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