For those feeling discouraged/not motivated

Go to your kanji/radicals/vocab and go to the progress lattice. Seeing all the language you know is so motivating and really shows how much you’ve learned. Maybe it’s just me.


Have you seen this?


You’re right. I hadn’t looked at it in a while, but it is strangely motivating! My burned vocab is such a long list!


Oh, wow! I don’t usually click around to different parts of the site, just doing my reviews and lessons and occasionally checking the Wall of Shame, but seeing that big block of colorful kanji… It’s almost like I’m actually learning or something!

And, yeah, there’s a lot of things I haven’t learned yet, but there are so many that I have!

I should make it part of my routine to look at the progress lattices like…twice a month, to help beat down any feelings of discouragement!! :sunny:


Yup, good reality check. Feel like crying now :cold_sweat:


Look atit this way: you have a lifetime to colour all those in! No hurry :wink:


Yeah, there are still a lot more to go, but look at all the stuff you have already learned! It’s waaaay more than you would know if you hadn’t decided to study and there are so many new things coming up! Before you know it, there will be another full line colored in, and then another! :sunny:


It looks more impressive on a small screen - phone or tablet. On a monitor it can look less impressive or even a bit depressing.

Wow, I think you managed to put it in a more depressing way…

In my experience the most motivation I get is from being able to understand stuff I struggled with some months ago. Like, the NHK easy articles were super tough just half a year ago but now I only need to look up a few words to understand an article on my first read-through.


If you keep learning grammar, you will learn a lot of the kanji in wanikani before you officially learn them here, so I think it is extra motivating when I already know a kanji, but I learn a new reading here (or elsewhere). On the other hand, it is frustrating when I see a kanji or vocab out in the wild, that I know I would have learned on WK, if only I had not slacked off and done my reviews and lessons on time…


It depends on one’s learning style. I don’t have capacity to learn new kanji outside of WK. Of course, I learn new vocab constantly from all sorts of sources but memoring the kanji is not a priority.

Besides, there’s no single way to learn grammar. As for me, I usually look up grammar when I don’t understand a sentence while reading or when I don’t know how to express a particular idea.

I guess it does. I use a textbook to learn new grammar, so that offers a lot of vocab too. I cross out all the furigana, so I can’t help but learn to read the new kanji I come across. I don’t however make lists of any new kanji and study them separately at all. I do try to write from memory as much as I can when doing the exercises.

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