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How many kanji should I be going through a day?

I’m going through this book and I went through 3 units so far, learned meanings of 50+ kanji (all basic kanji but i only learned pronounciations for around 15) such as days of the week, numbers, era names, basic radicals, and some verbs

keep in mind im also trying to not forget the meanings of these kanji later down the road so i want to make sure i reinforce them now

i dont really mind if my overall pace slows down as long as my proficiency is good

I think you forgot to add a link or a picture.

is it required that i do?

Ah, sorry, I thought you wanted advice on a specific book.

@naphthalene heres a pic of the cover


Nah I just wanna know if I’m setting the pace too high and if I’m doomed to fail if I continue at this rate.

It’s hard to quantify how many you should do.
Some kanji will stick immediately, some will take much longer.
One of the first methods I was using back in the days was recommending 5 per day, but I really think there’s no “one size fit all”. Still it’s a reasonable pace at beginner level, and can be increased later on.

You should probably use an SRS system to keep track of what you remember and what you don’t; slow down when the “don’t know” pile gets too high, and speed up when you feel like it.
Since you are here, the obvious answer would be to just go with WaniKani, but you don’t have to.

i honestly cant even go on wanikani cause it takes like 5 hours for a new review

but hey, in the future if i ever decide to subscribe to the service then im gonna be overwhelmed with lessons and reviews down the road

as for SRS the book always forces u to review (even tho i always go back to make sure i remember) so i do think that is extremely good !

the only downside of this book so far is that it doesnt teach u readings of the words except for a few, only the meanings

i also have pretty good memory

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Nothing prevents you from reading/learning ahead. In fact, I meant that WK would only be there to catch what you missed/make sure that you remember everything properly.
In any case, the SRS should be a complement to learning, not the learning itself.

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