Food/fermentation blog translation help

I’m really into Japanese pickling. As such, I thought it would be a great exercise to translate content to English, then try to translate it back. I haven’t gotten the initial translation really well, so I would appreciate help regarding a few phrases!

Here’s a particular section that has got me:


As for mamakari, there are few fish namagusas, an exquisite fatty meat is not fatty, or too light, thus, the portion’s feeling of eating easily is a perfectly suited accompaniment.


生臭 is the stinky smell/taste of raw food. In the case of fish, I’d say “fishy smell” I guess.

For the next part of the sentence, the exquisite fatty meat isn’t too fatty nor too thin (as in having no flavor)

そして means also

相まって (あいまって) means “together with (what was said just before)”


Can you post a link to the blog, it looks interesting?

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