Food as synonym for 食

Would it be accurate to put ‘food’ as a synonym for 食?

Idk what else to put in this post

Honestly, why not? The words that it appears in sometimes simply relate to food, and other times to the act of eating. If it’s easier for you to remember ‘food’, by all means go ahead. Just try not to forget that ‘eating’ remains relevant, so you won’t be as surprised by words like 日食(にっしょく=‘solar eclipse’, literally ‘sun eating’) later on in your journey.


In addition to what @Jonapedia said, you can always check a dictionary to see what synonyms they provide. E.g. here is the relevant entry on Jisho:


I’m amazed that food is not already an accepted answer for that 食.

For what it’s worth, I added “food” to mine many years ago.


This was good for me to stumble upon since I just got to this Kanji!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Sun eating? Sounds dangerous. I’d rather feed it with sun food!

Thank you for the question @OuchWaterwars , and thank you for the answers @Jonapedia @NicoleIsEnough @seanblue !


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