Font suddenly changed

Compared to yesterday, the font during reviews looks different today, using Windows 10 and Firefox. Does anyone else have this issue?

I don’t remember if there was a windows or Firefox update, but i checked with Chrome, and the font was the same, it’s like this.

I think something similar happened a year or 2 ago, but back then a lot of people were affected and it was due to WK changing something. IIrc the solution back then was to set the font for japanese in the Firefox settings to Meiryo or MS PMincho, but when i checked today, i can’t select these fonts, they are not in the list, even though Meiryo shows up in Word. On the other hand, i can’t find Meiryo in C:\Windows\Fonts. But even if select MS PGothic (which is the font in the firefox settings) as font in word, the text looks different compared to Wanikani.

Any ideas?

Edit: I just found out, the font i see in WK looks like Yu Gothic.
Edit 2: And before anyone asks, disabling all userscripts doesn’t change anything.

Edit 3: Found the thread about the last time this happened, back then viet added Yu Gothic in front of Meiryo in terms of fonts to use. After the outcry in the community, he changed it back so Meiryo is first priority again.
Viet’s post on the topic

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Ok, i could solve the issue. After installing the windows language pack and the writing pack for japanese Meiryo shows up under C:\Windows\Fonts, in the Firefox font settings and Wanikani is back to form as well. So my guess is a windows update removed the font for some strange reason.

If anyone ever has the same issue, you can install the packages by clicking the windows/start button at the bottom left, then settings. There select “time & Language”, then on the left side “Region & language”. On the right side, make sure “日本語” is listed in the “Languages” section, if not add id by clicking on the big + next to “Add a language”. Once it is listed, select it, then click on the “Options” button that appears. On the top you see “Language Options”, with several parts you can download. I downloaded the “language pack” and “typed writing” or something like that (the button isn’t there anymore, so i can’t check). I don’t know which one of these solved the issue since i downloaded both before checking if it helped.

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But is it really bad when the font changes? As long as it’s not dingbats I’m okay.

not necessarily, but i really really dislike the font in question.

Oh wow. The font changed at the exact time I switched to using my Windows 10 computer for most of my work, so I just assumed it was a result of that. I had no idea it was a site-wide thing for all users.

actually, if you switched to a “fresh” windows 10 computer, then it is a result of the switch. Windows 10 doesn’t include the meiryo font by default. It should be installed if you updated from windows 8 to windows 10, but if it’s a “fresh” windows 10 installation, then you probably don’t have the font, thus you see Yu Gothic instead of Meiryo. Installing the language package also installs Meiryo even on windows 10.

I was aware of this issue, but i have been using this PC a while and always had Meiryo as a font on WK, until this morning, that’s what confused me so much. Granted, i installed a big windows update last Friday, but the font was still okay until this morning…

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