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@Raionus I figured out the bug. It has to do with the new hide katakana feature. When I set that to “show”, everything shows up properly.

You also have what might be an escaping issue here:

Sorry for bombarding you, but I’m finally starting to trash some items in preparation for 時をかける少女. So on that note, I have a suggestion to improve what is considered a guess or ambiguous. At least in one case, the “ambiguity” was simply having different kanji with the same readings and same meanings. So it’s not really ambiguous at all. Can you do something to merge items with the same reading and meanings before counting them as ambiguous?


Thanks! Glad you’re still having a blast

Ok thanks a lot I was having a tough time finding where the issue was.

Okay, ran some SQL stuff. Should be good from now on.

There’s some words that have different connotations depending on the kanji (ex. あう). There’s some words that have a billion readings (乳母). The J->E definitions alone are insufficient to tell you enough about the word - you’ll have to go to a J->J definition or go into the book to get additional context. If you have to leave Floflo to get more info on the word, then that’s definitely what I’d call “ambiguous.”

Anyway, I don’t disagree with your combining suggestion in particular but it’s low priority at the moment. Basically if something goes wrong (and it will) it’s gonna blow up the entire site and the benefit of making the change isn’t that high usually.

Nice :ok_hand:. I’ll be doing stuff in a big set in a few days and we’ll see how it goes



By the way, do you plan to persist the Guess and Katakana settings like you do for Frequency and WaniKani level? It’s kind of inconvenient having to constantly change them back the way I want.

I assumed “ambiguous” was more like “what the hell is this” rather than “what’s the nuance of this”. Either way, I understand what you mean and in the end it doesn’t matter much since it’s up to the user to decide whether or not to trash the ambiguous word anyway.


A lil bit of both tbh

Yeah I plan on making them consistent with the other settings.



Here’s a suggestion for the next book poll. Also, @greasyButter The polls are held monthly(with two books per month added from the regular polls and a few more from a losers bracket). You have to be a patreon to vote, but I’m pretty sure you can suggest books for the polls without being one.

@Raionus please correct me if I’m wrong or missed something important.


How do I make vocab I’ve added though the book list come up as kanji when doing reviews?


If it was a kana only word, you’ll have to manually edit the card.
(Basically remove the ; in front of the kanji in the appropriate field, if I remember correctly)


Right, thats a pain, but i figured out how to do it.


Also, do I have to get a word right in the lesson on the first attempt or it just goes back to the lesson queue?


Technically, yes.
However, you can just ignore an infinite amount of times during lessons (backspace after it got red).


You can also just click the dark part of the vocabulary button to change it to a kanji list.


Yeah that. If you want it to be like WK you just press backspace instead of enter when you get something wrong.


Huh what a coincidence, I just came into this thread to suggest that same thing. A friend of mine linked me to a website where you can read a bunch of the chapters online, not sure if it’s all of the released chapters but would the patreon poll still be required for putting up those available? The link is here


Well, that’s the way you do it, yes.
We put Aozora bunko books on the polls as well, even though they are available for free.


Thanks, I’m still not completely sure how the system works for putting things up. So right now it seems to me that for novels, anime, and short stories those go through Patreon but visual novels and manga will be put up whenever as long as a script is provided.


Yeah, and I know @Vanilla has smuggled some books in there anyway.
I guess the “whenever @Raionus feels like it” rule supersedes all other.


Yeah, I bought some of the books myself so it ended up not costing raionus anything.


But when I proposed that way back when, it was rejected. (Or ignored, don’t remember).
Someone is definitely playing favorite :cry:


Just a quick question about the site directed at anyone: should the “Trash” button be used liberally (for words I already know and don’t want to see again) or occasionally (to weed out and separate grammar points from vocabulary)? This is what I’ve been most concerned with while using the site. I love it otherwise, but I think its use should be more apparent. Perhaps add a hover-over help bubble much like other elements on the site?


Also, does anyone know how Floflo handles items in progress and completed items? I could swear I haven’t reviewed a few items but two or three times within a short amount of time, and now those items are back in lessons for some reason. Even if items are quickly “burned” shouldn’t completed items be stored elsewhere so that I don’t have to hunt through what I do and don’t know. Who knows? This could all be either my mistake or a bit of a bug.