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So last week I was going through my F&B notes and realized that the グローリア号の兄弟たち 番外編 CD actually contains dramatizations of the stories found in the short story 兄弟 in the F&B “extra 5” doujinshi (link goes to my thoughts on the stories , as well as general summaries of each)! I was super excited since I’ve read through the stories before, so I listened to the whole CD while driving to visit my sister. ^o^ (Also, that makes me think: this is an official adaption of a “technically” unofficial F&B short story collection. Very neat.)

This was a great set of vignettes to adapt, since the original short story went out of its way to not name any names of any characters (even our main three trio), and I had not idea who was talking while reading most of the time. :sweat_smile: But that problem has been handily solved here, since they go out of their way to mention names, haha! Which is especially nice since most of the POV characters are minor sailors on the Gloria.

Knowing the stories ahead of time really helped when combined with my poor listening comprehension here, and I have to say I had a lot more fun listening to these than reading them, honestly. (I think I was just generally confused while reading them…) There are 8 tracks total, the last being a Free Talk track:

Track Title Track # Track Length POV Character
可愛いやつ 01 9:27 will add after a re-listen :arrow_down_small:
流れ者 02 6:31
お気に入り 03 4:39
おおとら 04 5:47
お人好し 05 5:32
懲りない男 06 7:18
要注意人物 07 16:36
Free Talk 08 19:23

Released 2012年03月26日頃.
Was obtainable by purchasing 小説Chara vol.25 and the gaiden「FLESH&BLOOD外伝 女王陛下の海賊たち」 (and presumably providing proof of purchase) and paying an additional 1500円.

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