First tankouban without furigana

Just finished my first manga tankouban that didn’t have furigana. It was a bit of a struggle. Book 9 of March comes in like a lion. I actually bought it at least 18 months ago and after getting part way through gave up when I put WK on vacation mode.

Recently I’ve been going back over all the kanji I’ve supposedly learnt (and have been learning kanji in subsequent lessons). Went back to the manga a couple of weeks ago and have managed to get through it.

Got a good sense of achievement and also finally moved onto new material (I’ve watched both series of the anime, which goes up to around half way through book nine). I bought all the books published (back in 2019) as I didn’t want to wait for a series 3 to find out what happens.


Congrats! It’s always hard at first, especially when there’s a lot of unknown kanji. The more you read the easier it’ll get though!

I watched both seasons of March Comes In Like a Lion recently and enjoyed it. I’m just going to wait for season 3 of the anime to (hopefully) come out at some point though.


Congratulations! It’s a good feeling! My first manga without furigana was ゆるキャン with the beginners book club earlier in the year.

I presume you’re aware there is a book club reading March comes in like a lion on the forums?

I felt the same way, which is why I started the book club! By popular demands, we’re reading it starting from book one (we’re on book 2, now), and we have vocabulary spreadsheets that help So Much with vocabulary lookup. Please join us!

I think you’ll find that reading any of the books helps with all of them-- you learn the Shougi terms, and Umino’s idiosyncratic Kanji tendencies. So joining the book club will also help you read the later volumes.

I can also share the anki decks I made while reading volumes 10-13. Let me know if you’re interested.

I see Micki already posted a link to the book club. Thanks, @Micki !

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