First milestone

I’m halfway done! :partying_face: Never made any threads of any sort and never shared my progress, but today felt a bit special. Who knows, maybe I won’t get to 60 and this is the only time I get to share my experience.

Started in April, the first couple of months were a little rough, in the sense that my WK sessions were highly irregular and thus didn’t feel like proper routine. Then I found a groove and now I follow a very particular schedule:

My current schedule

Wednesday: level up in the morning, do radicals right away. Review in 4 hours, then review in 8 hours.
Thursday: review the radicals in the evening.
Saturday: level the radicals in the evening, learn level critical kanji, review in 4 hours (before bed).
Sunday: review kanji in the morning.
Monday: review kanji in the morning.
Wednesday: level up.

I don’t follow any particular schedule with items that are not critical for leveling up, sometimes I divide the lessons and do 20-30 a day, sometimes I do the entire pile right away. Depends on how free I am. However, I never let them spill over and I never let anything pile up.

Which resulted in this:

I think that the most crucial thing that contributed to the pace I was able to sustain is that I never took any days off. There hasn’t been a single day when I’d have any reviews left before going to bed, come rain or shine:

This approach left me with plenty of time to do lessons according to the schedule above, as I never had to dig through any sort of insane review piles. I think the biggest one I had to deal with in one sitting was about 200 items.

So far everything has been very enjoyable, I’m glad that I decided to go with WK back when I was figuring out how to learn kanji. Here’s to another 30 levels! :beer:

I’m not sure how these study logs and milestone threads are done, however since I’m sharing my journey today, I might as well share the entirety of it. Sorry if it’s not customary, but here goes nothing.

My Japanese language journey started with me joining a language exchange Discord server, where I was bombarded with resources and valuable insight. I decided to go with WK for kanji and Genki for grammar. I used Anki to get done with Genki vocab ASAP so I didn’t have to look anything up while learning grammar, I feel like it worked pretty well. After ~50 days I was done with that deck and moved on to Core 6k.

Each Genki lesson took about a week to go through, so I was done with Genki I and II by September. Then I quickly went over Shin Kanzen 文法 N4 to polish whatever grammar I learned from the previous textbook, then I moved on to Shin Kanzen 文法 N3. At this point I’m a few days away from finishing it, which is a little behind schedule.

I’m 62% done with Core 6k, yesterday I decided to stop new cards for the time being. I’m going to try sentence mining since I started to read native content.

My Anki streak

Currently I’m reading Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto, with Tsugumi and A Wild Sheep Chase in the backlog. I run into a considerable amount of unfamiliar kanji, vocab and grammar, but having Jisho and DoJG open is enough to understand everything. It takes me a long time and a lot of elbow grease, but I’m hoping that by not skipping anything and figuring out every new grammar point I’ll improve soon enough.

My first books!

I registered for JLPT N3, the exam is one month away and I’m completely fine with failing it spectacularly. I think it’s going to be a fun experience and who knows, maybe having done it once already will take the stress out of the equation when I go for a rematch. I live very close to the venue, so all I really lose is one afternoon and the exam fee.

Apart from everything I mentioned above I also frequent the server that got me started. The Japanese chat is another source of reading practice for me, plus I pick things up here and there when I lurk in studying channels or even try to answer questions myself (with sources, of course).

That’s it, I think. Sorry if I’m sharing too much, got carried away a little bit. The main takeaway here is that I love studying Japanese and that WaniKani has been, along with other things, places and people, integral to that new, wonderful part of my life. I’m very thankful for everything.


Nice ! you’re going at any impressive speed ! I wouldn’t be surprised if you hit 60 before me :rofl:

As you say - consistency is important - but accuracy obv has a big impact on the review burden. Yours must be quite high?

keep up the good work !


Thank you :bowing_man:

I’m not sure how good these are, but to me it feels ok :+1: I have the highest accuracy on level critical items, as I spend considerably more time learning them.

Seeing the vocab outside of WK definitely helps with retention, I think.


That accuracy rate is incredibly high. It’s actually quite amazing. Congratulations on reaching the halfway mark! It’s impressive to be going that fast and retain such a high accuracy.


Congrats Adiost san :raised_hands:t2: おみごとです :ok_hand:

You persistence and dedication are top notch :grin: your immersion is impressive :+1: Your accuracy is high :slightly_smiling_face:


We are happy that you decided to share your story with us :love_you_gesture:t2: :heart: Thank you :blush:


I am confident you will pass your JLPT 3 :crossed_fingers:Good luck. がんばってくだいさい :clap:



Thank you for your kind words :bowing_man: Something that is probably worth mentioning here is that I can’t really produce without trying very hard. So far I’ve been sacrificing this aspect to focus solely on recognition and comprehension. I hope that it pays off in the end.

Again, thank you very much. However, I don’t really care about the exam, it’s not a priority. Passing thanks to sheer luck would be really funny though.


Well done, that’s some excellent consistency of progress ^-^

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