First Burn ^^

Finally burned my first radicals! What a milestone and so glad I started learning with Wanikani =)


Congratulations on your first burns! It is a wild reaching that milestone.


Congrats @Nyakiri san :partying_face:


Congrats on your progress!



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my lvl 2 self over here be like - w h e n

congrats, that’s a huge milestone!

at lvl 24, where would you place your reading comprehension ability? Asking to try and guage where I might be at that point if I also keep up with the grammar on the side :smiley:

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Depending on the books you choose, and sometimes based on the editions, they will come with full furigana so you can even read them without knowing any kanji. Vocab and grammar are much much more important. But full furigana will mainly be in books aimed at (younger) children.
If you plan to read adults‘ books, though, level 24 won’t help you that much … We read a couple criminal stories with the book clubs, and I had a feeling that I knew most (but not all!) kanji around the mid-to-end 40‘s levels.
Having said that, if you want to read books, you can start as soon as you have some basic grammar under your belt. You can check out the Absolute Beginners Book Club // Currently reading Mitsuboshi Colours who just started a new book yesterday :blush:


Congratulations!!! :partying_face:

congratulations! and at level 24, that means you’re going super fast!

keep up the good work, and don’t neglect the other aspects of learning japanese!

it takes just about 6 months for the first burns to come up.

at level 20 you will definitely still have to look up kanji and words, about 3 out of every 10 kanji you encounter will not yet have been covered by WK. but looking up words is easy, reading comprehension depends on other factors more so than kanji, most importantly grammar.

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congratulations! just for my own curiosity, how long have you been using wanikani and what level are you on? i just started about a week ago and have not even “mastered” anything so burns seem so far away…


Thank you everyone for the congratulatory messages ^-^ Really loving this community and all the best in your journey to learning Japanese

Yup… going this fast has it’s own problems, waking up to a 150 reviews a day and seeing another 150 ready by the end of the day, however I have so much free time it just feels so satisfyingly productive. Hoping to achieve at least N4/N3 in grammar by level 35 ish or 40

This is my 6th month on Wanikani =) Currently progressing through level 25. Don’t worry too much about mastering anything yet and just go at your own pace through Wanikani, everyone has different learning speeds and time constraints!

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Congratulations! That must feel like real progress. Keep on keeping on.

おめでとう! :partying_face:


i started wanikani since almost 3 months ago and still lv 10
still have long journey to do
i hope i can as fast as you or faster

一緒に頑張りましょう ^^


Congratulations! Those first radical burns are awesome and they usually all happen back to back so it is huge when it happens!

appreciate it! Havent been around the forums, work has been crazy :slight_smile:

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