FIRST BURN ! Is this where i learn the meaning of 'painful'?

After around 6 months of Wanikani, just had my first burns this morning.

I have a long way to go ! hopefully I can manage the long haul.

I am slightly worried about the amount of old items which are going to start popping up in the coming weeks - is this why levels 11-20 are known as ‘painful’ as oppose to ‘pleasant’?

Just to note - wanikani has been amazing for me so far, i genuinely can’t believe how much information it is possible to cram inside a brain. I’m close to knowing 500 Kanji, and although i can’t really make use of them yet, it is really satisfying in lessons when sensei will ask what the word for such and such is , and TO MY AMAZEMENT - I WILL JUST KNOW! blows my mind.


EDIT - i initially wrote levels 10-19 above. I have been made aware of the pure ignorance that this exposed, and for those who i offended or upset, I apologise. :wink:




100+ reviews everyday will become a common thing now but the good thing is that you’ll get used to it in the end. J-Just…hang in there.

But YAY! Congratulations on your first burn!! I love the spirit you have with learning. Keep going and you’ll have 50, then 100, then 500…then next thing you know, you’ve burned 1000 turtles! :fire: :turtle:


You might not learn the meaning of painful, but that turtle certainly will. Hideous way to go but as they scream and writhe in the all consuming flames I’m sure somewhere deep down in their now smoking hearts they appreciate that they’re contributing to the greater good.


The real meaning of painful will come when you miss a burn several times in a row and the word/kanji becomes a leech. That’s when the despair kicks in.


Levels 11-20 are the painfuls :wink:

Sorry, it bothered me so much, I had to correct it…


thanks @Reemomo - juts had a 150 review session - and so it begins :sweat_smile:


This is the problem with one-indexed lists…


Well, yes, but it should be clear that the sections here on wanikani start with X1 and not X0 since we have this:

@Powerpuncher I have edited the post - i can can only apologise. :smile:

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Hehe, no worries, you didn’t offend me, but thanks for fixing it :3

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So I haven’t burned anything, but I’m averaging around 150 reviews per day anyway. How screwed am I?


You’ll be like me and have 250+ reviews per day :smiley:

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Only if you have bad acc. He could still be well under 200 technically.

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I think I might have bad acc then… What kind of disease is acc? Cause I definitely have the symptom of 300-plus-ish reviews a day and also, sometimes when it is late at night, I feel tired. And if I don’t eat for a really long time, then I start to feel hungry…so maybe those symptoms are related too…:fearful::mushroom:

Yeah my accuracy definitely isn’t something I’ve prioritized. I think my readings are around 80% and my meanings are around 90%. I don’t really make an effort to memorize my lessons before I add them into my review pool. I tend to just settle for getting them wrong until I suddenly don’t. I keep my apprentice items below 150, so I may have to slow myself down even more if things get that bad. We’ll see.

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