First burn in 8 hours, any tips?

Hi there, I will have my first burns in about 8 hours and when I see I have more Enlighted items than them sum of Master+Guru+Apprentice I get a bit nervous. I’m afraid if I miss the items I already know I will be overwhelmed with long reviews in the future. Are you extra careful when you review items that are ready to be burned? Do you have any tips for how to handle these items?


No not really, I treat them like any other review :durtle_the_explorer: burns are exciting, but I also don’t mind missing them – it’s an opportunity to better solidify the item into long-term memory ^^

Happy burning! :fire::turtle::fire::durtle_hello:


Agreed with Misc, don’t stress too much about them. If you miss them, that usually means you didn’t have them super solid in the first place and you needed more review on them anyway. That’s what the SRS is for after all. Also, keep in mind that your Apprentice items will be the largest factor in your workload, so as long as you’re keeping that number in check, missing burns shouldn’t impact your workload that much.

All that said, I do tend to be slightly more careful when I realize I have items ready to burn in my review pile. I definitely type more slowly and more carefully because typos are still a thing. I don’t mind missing the item if I got it totally wrong - again that’s just the SRS telling me I didn’t know it as well as I might have thought. But missing a burn over a typo? That’s frustrating. So I go slow and double check my answers before hitting enter. Alternatively, you could install a user script to ignore typos (but I’m personally not brutally honest enough with myself to use one of those properly :sweat_smile: ).


Pop a bottle of bubbly


I didn’t even notice my first burn haha (so there wasn’t a first burn celebration thread from me).

Like other said, just chill, don’t even think that it is a burn session you are working on.

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I personally try to treat burn reviews like any other review. If I have a typo, then that’s pretty annoying, but it’s not a major setback - it just means I’ll have to review this item a few more times, and that’s not a bad thing. In general, try to remember that it’s okay to fail some burn reviews. I’ve had rounds where I failed half of them, which really sucked, but it happens. It just means that the item didn’t stick for you as well as it should have, and that you need more time to review it.

One thing I will warn against is that some people seem to want to study for their burn reviews shortly before they occur, as if to pass a test. But that’s a bad idea since this isn’t a test, but rather a measure of whether you correctly remembered those items over the past several months. So just let the items come in naturally without doing specific WK pre-studying, pay attention to your answers, and you’ll be okay. :slight_smile:


Just do it!


Yes, definitely bad. This defeats the point of burning - if you would have flunked the burn, the extra reviews will help it stick in the future years.

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