First burn in 15 minutes!

I’m so excited! After 6 months of grueling level/week progress, in 15 minutes I encounter my first burns. I’m kinda scared about what adding a couple hundred more reviews per week to my workload is going to look like, but I’ll keep going as long as I can before backing off of my pace. 1 level per week is just so nice for being able to spend saturday mornings doing lessons regularly.

If you’ve had to back off from 1 level per week, what have you found is a good sustainable leveling schedule? I was thinking 1 level every two weeks, so that I only ever do lessons on Saturdays, but that seems kind of excessively slow. What have you found works?


And it was stick! Awesome!



I didn’t feel affected by the study load when I started burning.

I’m only recently feeling the study load where I’m now able to level twice a week.


Oh, I remember stick! Congrats!!!


urghhh! mine is in an hour! so jealous but congrats to you!

Oh, I remember how excited I was for my first burn… I reset my level from 28 back to 1 at the beginning of January so I guess I’ll get to experience that joy and excitement all over again. :relaxed:

Congrats on your first burn!

I have 50 burned items at level 5…
Yeah I suck…

Congrats, @StellaTerra! :slight_smile:

I like to do 20 lessons a day… that gets you between 10-14 days to level, if I remember correctly. (Been doing more like 10 a day lately, and sometimes 0…)
Other people in the Taking it Slow thread can perhaps tell you more. ^^