First Burn I Failed, Sad :(

Mixed up hand with hair, pls donate more visual representations of sadness and sorrow.



I think I failed the 一 radical when it came up, by calling it “one” instead of whatever it was looking for. Boy that was frustrating.

I’ve failed hundreds more since :slight_smile:


Lol that’s rough. Do you know if we have to wait an additional 2 weeks for that word you got wrong to be in the master stage again and one month to become enlightened and another 4 months to burn it? :disappointed_relieved:

If that’s the case, seems like a lot of waiting time for an item you got incorrect and instead of master you go back to guru.

Edit: used wrong word.

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Same. It meant “ground”
I hate it… But i burnt it since then.

Yeah you’re probably right on the wait time :anguished:. But at least he’ll be group together with level 12 radicals and not graduate alone lol.


For those interested, here you can check the exact number of failed burns: Wanikani review accuracy by SRS stage

I’ve failed to burn 1621 times already :slight_smile:


Third person to forget the “ground” meaning for radical because you see “one” more often for kanji and vocab. Haven’t burned it yet, but I think I missed it the first time it was up for Master.

Welcome to the club Lol
The first radical we learnt, the first radical we failed to burn…


Thank you for the storm forecast, I shall make reinforce my 船体 with some 高級の鉄.

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Well thank you everyone fro robbing me from that experience. Thanks to this thread, I will remember to say ground and not one when it’s time to burn that radical :grimacing:


For each radical that is also a stand-alone kanji, I like to add the kanji’s meaning to the radical as a user synonym.

I still try to put the WK-preferred radical name as my answer, since it’s useful for mnemonics, but this strategy covers me when I forget.

Edit: didn’t mean to reply to you directly! This is just a general suggestion to anyone who’s frustrated by radical/kanji name discrepancies. :upside_down_face:


Haha sure. You’re welcome.

agony awaits everyone, it´s just a matter of time.


What can be sadder than Sad boi Kaneki :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats on your burns :fire: @fariduri san :raised_hands:


Wait… You can do that?
But wait, even if you do that.
Dont you need to answer (pass) the review first in order to see what you wrote?

Off topic comment.
I like your hair. Very… Very similar to mine, in the sense of color of course. I dont have this length lol.
Iam a red head myself, i dont see much red head people in my country, so its exciting sometimes…

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No no! You replied to me. I am special : )

But as another user said, we need to get the radical’s answer correct first before you can look at the synonyms. Unless you’re using a script…

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You can add a custom user synonym to the meaning of any item and WaniKani will treat it as correct during reviews. This is separate from the Note section on an item page, which is just for your own reference, as you’ve mentioned.

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Don’t worry, I keep failing gun, because I get it mixed up with leaf :upside_down_face:


Oh… That could save me a lot of problems…
I’ve always saw that, but never understood what is that supposed to be so i tried to avoid it.

Thank you so much.

My first burn I failed was Toe. Haha I legit stubbed my Toe. How bad can it get.

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