Firefox and Safari browsers not Working

I restarted my computer and Firefox updated. Now it doesn’t display any of my webpages correctly. So, I switched to Safari, which was ok until my MacOS updated. Now it isn’t displaying correctly. So, I installed Chrome, which is working for now. Has anyone else had this issue? I reinstalled Firefox and did a bunch of other stuff to no avail. I have a Mac w/ M1 chip.

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Perhaps it’s related to this?

Somewhat off-topic, but I hate that web is becoming chrome-centric and if someone doesn’t want this spyware on the machine then sites get broken :frowning:


I finally figured it out. I had to go in to my preferences in Firefox and reset the color stuff to “never.” Now it’s back to normal. Safari had to be set at 115% zoom to display correctly.

You mean “Fonts and colours”? How does one set those to “never”?

If you go into the Firefox preferences under Font and Colors you will see what I mean. It had overrode the website’s colors and put in its own. I told it to never do that.

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