Finishing WaniKani by... 2077?

This is just a simple progress post - I just want to balance out all the lovely speed demon posts with my ineptitude.
So WaniKani is projecting me to finish by 2077.
And I am happy about that.

It’s been almost 4 years since I started. I bought a lifetime account and dove in. After four years, I was… level 7. So 2077 was, mathematically at least, a realistic assessment.

I spent so many days thinking, “I should probably learn some kanji.” only to open the app, see a few hundred cards, and distract myself as quickly as possible so I didn’t have to feel that shame.

Year one - I leveled up three times
Year two - Another three times…
In year three, I didn’t lay a finger on this Crabigator, but oh man did it continue to haunt my thoughts and conscience.

Two months ago I committed to maintaining 0 reviews and at least a hundred apprentice cards daily, and I’ve leveled up four times since then! That makes this my best year yet, and I’ve got time to level up a few more times at this pace!

For me, it took literally moving to Japan to find the motivation. If you are where I was a year ago, I am sorry if you read this far expecting a motivational speech. I just don’t want to be illiterate now that it is forced upon me.

But that’s okay! Progress is progress! There’s a reason you see so many turtle icons.
So from one turtle to another, good luck fellow grinders. We’ll get there someday as long as we don’t give up. o7

Does anyone else have ridiculous projected end dates? You can find this bar on your profile page.


I don’t think that’s an end date, I think that’s the total number of kanji :smiling_face_with_tear:


That’s hilariously obvious now


This is so wholesomely funny


I think it’s appropriate that a post about my own ineptitude ended up being based entirely on a mistake.
Nevertheless, I persevere o7


You and Jesus were WK study buddies back in the day… :joy_cat:


On the bright side, with 11 levels in 4 years, that would translate to a finish around 2040, which is much sooner :partying_face: