Finished TextFugu, what now?

Hi guys

I’m continuing with WaniKani and I’ve just finished TextFugu, but I’d really like to continue with my grammar and overall language practice. Any ideas on where I can go to now overall upper beginner stuff?

Many people prefer Genki or Tae Kim. You may find this useful.

Thank you!

No problem. Glad to help. Continued grammar studies really depends on how you want to learn.

I no longer recommend Tae Kim due to lack of exercise, although if you drill it on Anki, it would still works.

Probably recommended Genki 2 --> Tobira/AITIJ.

I am currently using Shinkanzen Master Grammar series, because I don’t need vocab.

Personally, I like An Introduction To Modern Japanese.

Volume 2 is the vocab list and exercises; not a sequel.

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