Finally reached 15 - a long time coming

I know it isn’t a big hoo-ha, but I finally got through level 14. I have been signed up to WaniKani for several years. about 18 months ago, I got to level 14 and just crumpled under the reviews and I found nothing would stick. I found 13 and 14 really difficult… Then because I had left it so long, I reset myself to about level 9 again.
But I finally got through to level 15 now! Hopefully I can make it much further :slight_smile:


How much did your doggo help you study?


There was this thread a bit ago. Basically according to this, the levels right after 10 are probably the hardest based on workload, so don’t worry, you’re not alone in this, I believe my level 11 or 12 accuracy is the lowest out of all levels iirc

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