Finally getting back into my rhythm

I’ve been stuck on level 7 for ages. I stopped doing new lessons when I went to the US in october, thinking I’d be getting back into it afterwards easily. That… really didn’t go according to plan as well as I thought it would o.o

For a long time I just stared at my pile of like… 160 lessons. I did my reviews still (How I got my first burns :3 ) so thankfully that didn’t become a pile, but doing new lessons was getting to be a hard task to do.

Finally over the last few weeks I’ve started picking up a rhythm again and I’ve finally managed to get myself to tackle the pile!

Almost gone through the vocabulary words!


Congrats on getting back into the rhythm :partying_face: Keep it up~


It’s definitely hard to get back when you’ve been gone, but seems like you’re catching up pretty well! You never forget what you learn!