Finally back to zero, after 210 days off!

I have neglected to worship the mighty crabigator for the past seven months, so I must lay myself at your feet in repention!

I returned to the temple and found 940 review scrolls to sort through. As penance, I have spent the past week sorting through them all and have now finaly found myself back with zero reviews to do, after completing about four hundred today. Praise be to the crabigator and the learnings it provides, for now I can continue my journey!



Now all I have go do is tackle those 322 lessons I have. I’m not sure whether I think that’s easier or harder than nearly 1000 reviews…

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Hey, good job! And good luck with those lessons. I hope all goes well. Tackling such a large review load after so long is probably extremely tough. I bet there were some burned ones that had been absent for a while beforehand thrown in there, too. O.O

I hope your renewed faith in the mighty Crabigator goes a long way. :wink:


Blessed are those who do their reviews each and every day, and also blessed are those who return after a long hiatus. Good luck continuing!


Watch out for the after-shocks of review piles that come back in a couple days and in a week/2 weeks!


Oh yeah, don’t I know it -___-

Will have 168 reviews today alone, haha. I figured that now was the time to power through it all though, I’m working from home with not all that much actual work for the near future, so may as well ^—^


がんばれ!! :sunglasses:

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You have 300 apprentice items, maybe wait a bit with the lessons sweat_smile


I sure wish I wasn’t a glutton for punishment (*´-`)

Oh well, it’s an excuse to make a little tick off sheet. Reminds me of when I was young and my mother made 題目 sheets to track her Buddhist chanting ^-^

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To motivate myself to complete them, I always like visual representations :slight_smile:

Like, a review session???

Oh, no no no, just one box per one outstanding WK lesson. Means I get to tick ten off per lesson ‘session’ :3