Figure of Speech about Breaking a Small Egg

I was watching the anime March Comes in like a Lion, and the character Rei asked the character Hina about something that he thought she already knew about, but she didn’t, and it caused her to be disappointed. Then, Rei thought to himself that he felt like he broke a small egg. Is anyone familiar with this figure of speech? I’m sure it has to do with disappointment, but I would like to understand it better.


It would probably help to have the Japanese line for reference.

Or at least an episode number and time so we can find it for ourselves.

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I don’t have an answer for this but I LOVE this anime and the song, I AM STANDING by RUANN!

I can’t recall the Japanese for this line, but I know what you’re talking about since I just finished watching the anime for the second time recently. I don’t really think it’s a figure of speech . . . it’s likely just really good imagery to describe Hina’s heartbreak (since Rei brought up her crush leaving town). So Rei feels like he’s just broken something small and fragile.


I think you’re probably right about the meaning. I really need to get one of those books of idioms. If anyone’s still interested, it was season 2, episode 21 at 4:30. He definitely said 小さい卵, but my listening still isn’t great, so I don’t know about the rest.

I’m not sure it sounds like it was an idiom to me. Probably just a metaphor.

I also second that it’s a metaphor. The line is as follows:


The reason I feel that’s the case is because of the use of ような to describe the character’s feelings.


I guess the inclusion of ような would make it a simile (直喩ちょくゆ)


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