Feedback after a month

If you don’t feel happy/motivated using wanikani, something else will probably work better for you!

I’m amazed at your ability to stay calm and civil though😌 has anyone here changed your mind about wanikani?

haha yes, you can see I’m focusing on the words more than sentence building, you’d probably freak at a lot of the other constructions in my diary :wink:

Well both my posts here have been productive. I’m amazed really at how active this community is, and it’s not so hard to stay civil when you can see once people get past being defensive about the site they are very willing to help out.
But no not really. It’s not a matter of changing my mind. I know how I learn best and right now I need to be learning different kanji than are being offered here at my level.


What people are trying to say here is, put to simple word, that it seems that you are not learning Japanese, but just random stuff.
For example, if you do not know 入れる you really are not going anywhere with Japanese because it used everywhere in compounds.

Not that this is a problem to anybody, if this is what you want, but people who probably have more experience than you, at least on this topic, are trying to help you avoiding taking a way that, probably ,will not take you so far.

From your answers I presume you are a young person, so you should feel free to try and learn from your errors, and this is good, but since Japanese is a very difficult topic, you should not underestimate it, because with the wrong approach you could end up in a dead end and abandon it.

Which is probably what the community here, maybe uncounsciously, does not want to happen.

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Haha okay! I was curious about it.
If you find some good resources though don’t hesitate to make a post or something because it might be interesting for more people!

I guess everyone has their own journey in japanese learning and the best way to learn is from making mistakes

(i mean I agree with what you said)

Language being just about input is such a big bs… Somehow I find this being said a lot more by Japanese learners (where the main reason to learn in the first place is read/watch media). But I can’t handle this anymore. Sure, it helps a lot… But I can guarantee you that if I had started speaking/writing in English early on my journey, my 2nd language would be so much better.



As I said the order of learning is vital to me- I’m not trying to avoid any words I just need to learn what I can use right now in the Japanese world I make around me. I don’t live in Japan, I don’t speak to Japanese people, don’t have to buy stuff or catch trains or taxis or ask directions etc. so a lot of the lessons that are useful for others just have no meaning to me right now. And kanji- so learning things, nouns, objects I use every day for example and other words I’m actually seeing and hearing every day. I’m not doing that here so I’ve wound back on my time here heaps and from now on will probably just do one lesson at a time until it is learned so I don’t frustrate myself.

I am actually 52 so have learned, and taught, a lot of different things in my life. I know a lot about what works for me when learning stuff, and even more about what doesn’t. lol To me, wanikani is random- I fully understand the reasoning behind using stroke order for their lesson construction but it just doesn’t work for me, the words and themes of words are what I need right now because right now they are the easiest things for me to learn. So I could waste days trying to learn a few words here or learn a couple of dozen elsewhere in the same time because they are words I want to learn and stick far more easily. (and this is what I have been doing since I started scaling back my time here)

And yeah I do see that the people here really do want to help. :slight_smile:

I do bounce around a lot as you can probably tell from course to course. In the last week or so I’ve learned a ton of words using Transparent Languages. They have basic courses teaching conversations like most others- which aren’t much use to me right now as I want to learn the words first before diving into conversations. But they also have a heap of vocab lessons and a lot of different ways to learn them- listening, speaking with voice recognition, word recognition, and they use a lot of kanji which of course I love since I don’t just want to learn the words but the kanji for them at the same time.

The other one I’ve just found that has a lot of promise and I’ll be diving into is It actually looks to be genuinely free which is a rarity. They have kanji lessons broken up into groups of 10 and then have drills of 20 questions with the kanji in different words so that you have to choose the correct ON/KUN out of conflicting choices. So for 3 日 you have to choose from 日、か、ひ、び which seems like such an awesome tool to me. I’m not sure how many kanji they actually have but this should keep me busy for a while.

It’s not just about input, I think the amount was like 80% input? I think their reasoning also was that we can make more mistakes early on and those mistakes can become habit forming and never leave us because most people just won’t correct you in day to day conversation if you are ‘close enough’. But if you wait until you are at a fairly comfortable level of understanding you’ll be more able to correct yourself when you actually start ‘outputting’.
I do think some of that is less of a problem when we can actually record ourselves and listen back to recordings and then compare them directly with native speakers.
And I do like writing up my posters with the words I can’t learn on lessons anywhere. So definitely both, but I still get a LOT more input every day as a rule than output. And I just love that input. :slight_smile:

You’re not getting a different order on WK. WK’s order exists for a big reason. So because of that, I’d suggest finding another tool.

If you have time to study Japanese though and you wanna continue using WK, you could have gone faster. Leveling up twice in 1 month isn’t max speed (level 3 can be reached in 7 days).

To learn about how to achieve efficiency on WK:


I’m not sure what this is supposed to mean.

Ummm, I read through all the posts and it looks like OP’s stand is pretty clear on the issues. He wants to be able to modify the way that WK works, which is definitely not in the vision of Koichi or the Wanikani team in overall.

A more suitable tools for OP would be Anki or some other SRS, not Wanikani.

Why are we still beating the dead horse here?


Your profile picture is really cute haha

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Thanks. It’s neko atsume, check it out.
Your profile picture is cute too.

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Thank you!! I will definitely try neko atsume

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Maybe you’re not able to learn because you are not interested in learning them, you’re focused in other stuff you’d want to learn first. Being interested actually plays a big part in the learning process…


I’ve been telling Japanese people to stop using the kanji I don’t care about for ages, but it doesn’t seem to have an effect.


I understand why they put simple kanji first and build on them according to their stroke count. But for me that just means random words.
Put it this way, learning Japanese to me is like stepping into another world. As I take steps in this new world I see new things and it’s natural for me to ask “what are these things called?”. What’s a flower, what’s the sky called, what’s a tree, a fish, a bird, etc. etc. The things I see and hear are the things I want to learn about, the words I want to learn first.
Everything else is just random stuff I’m not seeing or hearing as I take my first steps into this new world.

Well some people keep bringing up the same stuff so I try to explain it in different ways for them. But other ideas have come out of this thread which have been great too, so it hasn’t all been directly related to the OP but that’s okay since it’s all interesting. Sharing knowledge and experience is almost always worthwhile.

I keep saying this but I am interested in all the kanji, just in an order that works for me. I’m in this for the long haul and don’t want to burn out getting frustrated over trying to learn things that aren’t relevant or helping me in what I’m doing right now.

They’re not strictly ordered by stroke count (stroke order doesn’t enter into anything). There are 3 and 4 stroke kanji in the 40’s and 50’s. 升 is in level 60. Level 52 has a 2 stroke kanji, 乃, and level 57 has a 1 stroke kanji, `乙.

It’s a balance between simplicity and commonness.

Sure, if they taught 乙 with 一 then I’d say, “yeah, you got a point, that’s crazy to teach 乙 in level 1 just because it’s one stroke.”

The early levels have tree, person, heavens, water, the numbers, child, book, rock, fire, river, eye, left, right, up, down, middle… so random and unlike what you are describing!

Unless you are literally complaining that they put flower in level 4 instead of the first 3 levels and sky in level 5… such a fine grain complaint.

Anyway, I don’t think I’m going to understand, so yeah.

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Oh well, nothing more to say then, but I have a question out of curiosity: can you give us real example of what are you using Japanese for?
Anime? Manga? Movie? Novel?
Some media name/title and everything similar?

They are all grade 1 kanji which I knew pretty well already when I started wanikani and of course they are all great starting choices. :slight_smile:

Well I can’t read yet obviously though I do practice reading a lot I don’t understand much of it yet. I play Pokemon in Japanese which is all kana, easy to read not so easy to understand. I play Skyrim in Japanese mostly from prior knowledge of the game. I listen to and learn to sing along with a lot of Japanese songs. I’ve also been watching Japanese youtube gamer commentaries on Skyrim and some other games I’m interested in. I also want to branch out and watch other Japanese youtubers on different subjects. I’ve started watching Inuyasha in Japanese, trying to ignore the subs and just take in the language as it’s spoken. Also watching Naruto subbed with my son. So it’s a lot about the games and anime at the moment but I do want to broaden that horizon a lot, it just takes a while to find stuff that I want in Japanese since I can’t actually read it to help fine tune my browsing. :slight_smile:
On top of this I spend several hours each day (I don’t count the hours but it’s most mornings and every night) just studying Japanese, doing lessons and/or learning new words and kanji. I play Japanese songs in the car when I’m out, so basically just living my life surrounded by Japanese as much as possible.
But it’s not so much using Japanese for them as I am using them to get me started in my learning journey. These are just the things I was doing a lot of in English before I started learning Japanese and knew I could still spend a lot of time doing them in Japanese without getting bored.

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