[Feature Suggestion] Add own content to SRS!

This is the single feature I’m missing most…
I tried several other SRS apps that let you create own cards, but I could never stick with them like with WK for various reasons (content overlap with WK, UI issues, syncronization between devices). Personally it would finally make me buy a lifetime subscription, but I believe every single user would profit from it. I know this is a huge suggestion and hard to implement (new database structures needed and all) but given the huge benefits it is absolutely worth it!

The way it would probably be working best is that if the user adds an item which is already present in WK, but not yet unlocked, the user is notified and that item unlocked ahead of time.
If it’s not, the item will just be added to the SRS (user can add own mnemonic).

I understand that the aim of this product is to teach kanji and only kanji (vocab being non-comprehensive and more aimed at manifesting the readings), but it could be so much more and add a lot of value!

Let me know your opinions!

Do you mean being able to add every kanji at the start and bypass the radical system?


That would indeed defeat the purpose, yes.
I should have specified that I’m only talking vocab here (or at most non-WK kanji)

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For this purpose, I’d rather use Anki for free, or Kitsun has been free so far.

Sure, I like WK more when they spoon-feed me more and more kanji and vocabs, but only when they spoon-feed me with great/easy to remember mnemonics. But when they don’t :point_right: :frowning::unamused:

While it’s not a bad suggestion, it is one that is made every week

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