Feature Request: Wiggle on Vocabulary Error for Given Kana

I frequently make the same kind of mistake when doing reviews: when given a vocabulary word consisting of a mix of kanji and kana, I fat-finger a letter for one of the kana. I would appreciate it if the UI would wiggle and point out that I’d made an obvious error in these cases, similar to the behaviour when you enter the reading that wasn’t asked for. As an example of the suggested behaviour, if the question was 気を付けて and the answer was きおつけて it would wiggle and prevent the submission due to a mismatch with the kana.

inb4 “be more careful”, I think adding this additional safety measure would be beneficial. The brain often doesn’t see what it wrote, but instead sees what it intended to write, and therefore re-reading your answer before submitting it doesn’t work reliably.

I respect and adore the design decisions in the UI that ensure minimal information is given to the user during reviews, since they prevent my brain, ever looking for shortcuts, from gaming the system. However, I think that since my requested change would be a cross-check against the question itself, leaking no additional information, it wouldn’t conflict with previous decisions. Also, I would be against a change such as removing the need to type the kana, turning it into a fill-in-the-blank UI, since that would hinder memorization through incomplete input repetition.

I am not above bribery. Just sayin’.


Without commenting on whether I think the devs should change the functionality of the site for all users, I’ll say it’s probably unlikely they will.

There is a script that does this though.


100% chance they won’t. They are very unresponsive and often rude to people who offer suggestions or criticize the site. I’ve pointed out a couple things that are not just a matter of opinion but objectively wrong and they they always get sassy with me when I do and refuse to change it.

They’ve politely responded to every email I’ve sent with corrections and I can’t really recall one being left unchanged without some kind of explanation on their side about why.


You can’t call them unresponsive and say that they always get sassy. You’re either lying or exaggerating to make them look worse.

The script that Leebo posted is great, though


I’ve never tried telling them that their opinions are objectively wrong though, so I’ll give that a shot next time.


Can confirm, I dumped a couple hundred corrections at them via email around Christmas and they were great about it.

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You are probably aware that you will need to get used to this, as with typing an email or texting to people in Japanese you won’t have a wiggle either if you make a mistake. But I guess the IME functions as a fallback in that case, as you will be reading along with your own typing in order to select the right kanji and such.

I also use the Do You Even Kana script on desktop, and it works great (only catches okurigana mistakes, though).

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