Feature Request: Unburn without resetting

As for the time it takes to unburn each item one by one:

Yes, it is true that you have to do it one by one. And it would be nice if you could do them in batches. So, that would be a nice feature, yes.

That being said, in the meantime, the ‘workaround’ is to just manually do it anyway. And the way to think about this, so that it doesn’t seem as daunting a task, is to think:

"Well, for each item I resurrect, I’ll have to review it (probably) at least 8 times (actually more like 16 times for kanji and vocabs, meaning and reading), and each of those reviews will take at least a few seconds each. So, total review time will be at minimum around 40 seconds (8 times 5 seconds) per item. Let’s round that up to 1 minute per item, since that’s more realistic.

"But the amount of time it takes to Unburn a single item manually is substantially less than 1 minute per item. Indeed, if I figure out a streamlined way to do it, I might even be able to get it down to perhaps 5-ish seconds per item!

“So, if I consider the amortized cost of Unburning an item, included into the overall cost of reviewing that item over its lifetime, then actually it’s only something like 10% of the cost of reviewing the item overall.”

And, indeed, I’ve actually done this myself – quite a lot, actually! I call it a ‘Rolling Reset’, and wrote a post/comment describing how to do it in a streamlined fashion. If you just do it a little bit at a time, in a similar way to how you only do a few Lessons at a time, then a Rolling Reset doesn’t feel like a it “would take enough time as to not be worth it,” IMHO. Here’s a link to the post/comment I made about it:

[It’s a long-ish comment, but if you want just the streamlined steps on how to do it, skip down to the section ‘How To’.]

All in all, it doesn’t take much more time to do a manual Unburn of several items as it does to do the same number of new Lessons. So, you’ll barely notice the time it takes. The important thing to remember is: You don’t have to unburn them all at once! :sweat_smile:

Oh, and just for the sake of reference, I’ve been doing a rolling reset for many months now, and have already ‘reset’ from levels 1 to 23, currently in the process of ‘resetting’ level 24; and in terms of progress, I’ve already ‘re-burned’ almost all of the items from levels 1 through 18.

It feels virtually the same as doing a batch of normal Lessons. Just open up the Levels menu, pick my most recent ‘unburning’ level (currently 24), pick a few items out of the list of burnt ones, resurrect them in a little batch (usually around 5-10 items at a time), and Bob’s-yer-uncle, they just show up in my Reviews queue as if I had just studied them from a batch of Lessons.