Feature request for input field

Sometimes during reviews I type and hit enter without paying attention to whether it’s asking for the meaning or the hiragana. I think if the input field were a slightly different color for latin vs hiragana, this would be a super easy way for my brain to realize that if I’ve already typed what the word means in english, I get a change to backspace before hitting enter and ruining my chance to keep the entry correct.

Not sure if this is useful to anyone else.

The field immediately above where you type is black for reading and white for meaning - had you noticed this? (I hadn’t until it was pointed out to me when I was about your level - my accuracy improved dramatically shortly after).


Sounds like you’re asking for a fix to this. Not sure it’s something you can do with APIs…


A lot of people complains about this. If people keeps getting it wrong it’s a problem in the GUI. WaniKani should teach kanji’s, not check how much attention people pay to subtleties in the GUI. Ideally the gui shouldn’t add any cognitive load to the user, which should use all his brain power to learn and remember kanji’s, not to focus on other things. As requested by many people many times before inputting a reading when the meaning is required of viceversa should just make the input field shake like when one puts a vocabulary reading when a kanji reading is required.

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oh snap! good shout. this will do.

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