Feature Request (easy!) ctrl + enter to accept user meaning / reading notes

Most applications have adopted using ctrl + enter to commit a comment, message or other text field form, which is very convenient because you don’t have to move your hand from the keyboard to the mouse to click “submit” or “save”.

I would absolutely love if Wanikani implemented this for the custom user meaning and reading notes so we don’t have to move our hands away from the keyboard to grab the mouse and click “save”. As far as I can tell there is no direct way to accept a new reading/meaning note via the keyboard which is annoying and really significantly slows down my process working through new kanji and vocab as I often make my own notes. Yes it is possible to tab over to the save button and hit enter but this is not intuitive, and its awkward and clearly not an intended method.

To be clear I’m referring to the textfield elements that have id “note” and class “user-note__input” that calls the nrWrapper() function (I’m guessing this is related to the New Relic browser monitoring agent)

As a full stack software developer I can say with some confidence that this should probably be a pretty quick and easy feature to add. In fact I would be more than happy to add it if you if you hire me :wink:


@Mods :point_up:

@ongakun usually the best way to send suggestions like this is using the contact form from the WaniKani web app UI or follow this page: How to Contact Us | WaniKani Knowledge


Thanks for the ping, I’ll make a ticket for this now.

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