Feature Request: Daylight Savings Time Support

I complete my reviews at the same time every day (8, 12, and 8ish). With the DST shift my existing items come up an hour later, which means they get shifted to my next review period.

This is a pretty minor inconvenience, but it would be nice to have opt-in support for DST.


Not every country observes DST; and those that do, observe it at different times.
The DST change isn’t until the end of the month in England.

So it would either have to be coded “smartly” to use the user’s local time; or it would have to be a manual toggle to shift an hour.

Handling timezones properly is a ballache, and requires being connected to a fairly large, evolving database. The simple option of “shift -1h” and/or “shift +1h”, isn’t too difficult (relatively speaking).
Though it could be “abused”, shifting the SRS by an hour in your favour doesn’t change much at all.


Wait till you travel overseas (or interstate if you are in a big country) those reviews are coming when they are coming.

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