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Thank you!
Some more:

  • kanji 枚 – counter for sheets
  • 大違い – big mistake
  • 貴い – it would be nice to yield a hint for “noble”
  • kanji 婦 – bride
  • 抜き出す – to pick out
  • 万年筆 – まんねんぴつ should be acceptable or at least yield a warning
  • 向ける – to aim (for) (に向けて and this meaning are a part of N2 grammar, and probably these ones are even more important than “To Turn Something Towards”)
  • word 損 – damage
  • 損害 – loss
  • 大損 – great loss
  • 納得 – agreement
  • 装う – to disguise

That’s great thanks, I’ll pass it on!

Here are some changes we have made:

冷える - Added “to grow cold”, “to get chilly”, and “to cool down” to the allow list.
大略 - Added “gist” to the allow list.
無糖 - Added “sugarless”, “no sugar”, and “unsugared” to the allow list.
蒸れる - Added “to be stuffy” to the allow list.
臓 - Added “entrails” to the allow list.
承 - Added “acquiescence” and “acquiesce” to the allow list.
移動 - Added “vibration” to the block list.
賛成する - Added “to approve” as an alternative meaning and updated the meaning explanation.
忠告 - Added “warning” to the allow list.
未熟 - Made “unripe” the primary meaning, added “inexperienced” and “unskilled” as alternative meanings, moved “not good at” to the allow list, added “green” and “immature” to the allow list, and updated the meaning explanation.
在外 - Added “foreign” to the allow list.


Thank you guys for your hard work!
Some more:

  • 敬語 – honorific language
  • 獄内 – imprisoned
  • 採る – to take
  • 入獄 – imprisoning
  • 診る – to diagnose
  • 一応 – more or less
  • 迷い – perplexity
  • 恥ずかしい – shy
  • 証明 – evidence
  • 縮まる – to narrow
  • 都庁 – city hall
  • kanji 摘 – pinch
  • kanji 拡 – spread
  • kanji 遅 – be late
  • 通勤 – commuting to work
  • 焼ける – to be roasted
  • 診断 – medical examination
  • 焼く – to roast
  • kanji 越 – surpass
  • 寄せる – to move close

haha, I was so annoyed about 日本的 、and 土. A decent of my misses are from this kind of thing. I estimate previous Japanese knowledge can cost you a few percent extra misses cause you don’t have the exact WK meaning they want. Even though I add them, I haven’t been doing any kind of undo thing so, I get lots of Enlightened that have you wait around for another go, so my synonym can be used. Enlightened seems to be where I often forget the WK meaning and revert to my old ways.

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Thanks, I’ll pass these on!

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Thank you!
Here I go again:

  • 汚す – to pollute
  • kanji 覧 – look
  • kanji 拡 – enlarge
  • 越える – to surpass
  • 変更 – revision, amendment
  • 拡がる – to stretch
  • 腐敗 – “corrosion” to the block list
  • 芋 – taro
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