Feature request: API token copy button

Could we have a copy button for API tokens so that we can easily copy them?

Something along the lines of this:


What I do is highlight the token and copy paste with CTRL-C and CTRL-V. This is on Windows. On a Mac I would expect the regular copy paste keys will work as well.

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That would indeed be very nice

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Yes we really do need a copy button!!!

If I triple click to highlight the whole token then copy it seems to put it in backticks now? Manual selection was fine, but this is still an issue to watch out for that a copy button would avoid.

And I checked this specifically because when doing the same thing in the past it used to append an extra space which actually caused a problem with one of the applications I was using.

Probably not the highest priority feature, but a welcome one.


Manual selection works for me, but triple-click didn’t work for me on either Firefox or Edge (Windows 11). Firefox put spaces at the front / end and Edge put a tab at the end.


Hey! Thanks for suggestion and the screenshot :slightly_smiling_face: I have forwarded this over to the engineers, I’ll let you know what they say once they get back to me.


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