Fear of leveling up?

I have days where I dread leveling up, because of the onslaught of lessons.

Anyone else?


Nope. I always only did up to 12 lessons a day anyway, so it made no difference to me when they were unlocked.


Just because you have lessons doesn’t mean you need to do them. I usually wait a week or two after leveling before taking on a new lessons. Let that current level sink in a bit more before I tackle the next.


I do understand what you feel, You hear this a lot around here but… Just do it at your time. If you like going quick, maybe just do half today, and the other half tomorrow. You’re so far up at level 25 already. Do whatever you can to not give up. Even if going at a slugs pace. I have had two long hiatus and I regret it every day!



As people say, the lessons are there.

If you don’t level up, you’re just not seeing them, but you would already have access to them.

I usually do all the radicals and kanji for the next level, and stop when I hit vocab if I’m lazy or busy.


More lessons means a bigger buffer. Nothing to dread about that.


I‘m always excited before I level up and then for about 5 seconds afterwards while I’m looking at the level up celebration gif and the new level number.

But then after 10 seconds I see the new lesson count and the post level up regret sets in. :scream::crazy_face:

It is usually fine since my motivation to reach the next level is higher than the resistance to new lessons. But every ten levels or so I stop for a while and don’t do any new lessons at all, just work on solidifying older items. That’s not really a conscious choice though, it is rather my brain somehow pulling the emergency brake and I just feel that I have to stop lessons.

Then I wait a little while (or even a long while) but at some point the day will come where I suddenly feel ready for new lessons again because I want to continue leveling up.

I would of course like to be able to just rush through WaniKani or do lessons at a slow and steady pace but both approaches just aren’t me. I somehow enjoy this cyclical approach.

So if you are dreading new lessons, maybe it is just a sign to slow down for a little bit and take on new lessons when you are more excited about them?


yup, apprentice items drops down to about 50, lessons rise to about 90, I throw the phone across the room and say WHEN WILL IT EVER END and go and play animal crossing for a bit in a huff. Then quietly settle down to do my ten lessons every morning from the following day.

The good news is that wkstats reckons the torment will end in June 2021 for me, so there’s that to look forward to…


I take a look at the next level kanji and radicals 1 day or two before I’m supposed to level up. (Or even the same day, if I’m supposed to level up in the evening.) Getting to know at least a few of them beforehand really makes it easier to recall them later. I use self-study script a lot for this purpose.

Same. I usually do vocab the next day. If I do all the vocab, then that makes it two waves of current level reviews instead of one big pile.

But usually, I don’t do all the vocab at once. Cuz that takes many energy :see_no_evil:


Oh, man this so much. I have totally felt that feeling! Thank you!


For me I do all the lessons on the day I level up, spending maybe 40-60s learning each item. So far it’s always been less than two hours work and I take breaks every forty minutes anyway. It works very well for me because my main objective is to get everything into the queue and let the SRS determine what is difficult and what is not. Those first reviews, plus the batch after that probably add another hour of WaniKani time to the day. Plus another 30 minutes for the other reviews of the day of course. I guess it’s a busy day on the scale of things but it works for me.

I definitely experience the dread! But when I started thinking why I dreaded leveling up, things began to make a lot more sense.
Upon a level up, you’re sent a TON of new material that you’re going to be getting WRONG. Being wrong makes you feel bad, and you don’t want to feel bad. So success (leveling up) is directly tied to failure (more things to get wrong).

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do in this case except to accept that this feeling is intrinsic to growth and learning. You have to suffer to progress.
But you don’t have to suffer all at once! Whenever I learn new radicals/kanji/vocab I usually take it 5 lessons at a time. It makes the experience less jarring.


I don’t fear leveling up. Instead of I am waiting for it. Because I know I will be introduced new kanjis and new vocabulary. If I feel frustrated at some point, I tell myself that, eventually I will get to used to it because I am learning. I know that I must move forward. So I just keep going on. Also I am aware that no language is easy. Because I know that, people are living their lives depending on that language. Expressing their thoughts, emotions. They express their needs, their dreams. And they are living with that language whole their lifes. By knowing this, I know that I shouldn’t underestimate which I underestimated at first which was a big mistake. Now I am learning japanese and I know that this wanikani is just small percentage of japanese culture, but a small percentage enough to enter this new realm of japanese. So I get excited more and get hungry for more lessons. I am aiming to get level 60 as soon as possible.


It does feel like the momentum slows down. “Oh, I’m down to just 45 Apprentice items!” “But there are 90 Lessons about to re-inflate that number.”

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Yes…Before I bought a lifetime subscription, I didn’t want to finish, so I pretty much ignored the 3rd level. Now it’s a little overwhelming how much there is left…

I love Animal Crossing :smile:

I have also thrown my phone multiple times. . .

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