Favourite mnemonic (yours or WK)

This topic has been done in the past, but with limited replies, and the threads have all been closed due to inactivity! I thought I’d revive the idea!

What’s your favourite mnemonic for a kanji/vocab/radical?

Edit: it doesn’t have to be your own mnemonic, it can also include ones on WK.

One of mine is for 皮.

For the on’yomi reading; There’s a bear watching you from behind the branches. He wants to skin you alive. “Hihihi” (ひ) he chuckles to himself.

For the kun’yomi reading; The bear behind the branches really wants your skin. You cower (かわ) as he approaches you. Actually he wants to just see what your skin looks like up close!




I remember 真剣 (serious) because it’s read as “shinken”. Schinken is German for ham, and Germans take all sausage-related matter rather seriously.