Favourite kanji to write / 手で書くのが好き漢字?

Which kanji do you guys enjoy writing by hand? Or conversely, which do you haaaaate writing, or particular radicals that always look pants?

I’ve always preferred writing down my notes in notebooks, as putting something down on paper helps me remember it much more quickly. I’ve found that I tend to prefer writing kanji with certain radicals way more than others. For example anything with 方 , 弓 or 金 radicals, I’m like yup, I got this. But my 女 radical always looks wonky, and 馬 is just a disaster.

Pic to illustrate the rollercoaster of emotions in writing kanji.


I’ve never really thought about it, but I’d say
愛 and 義
I don’t write either particularly well, but there’s something about the angles of the strokes that make them fun to write, especially 義. This is part of my husband’s name and it took forever to learn how to write it, but I always enjoyed the practice of it. I too dislike 好. Can never get the 女 right.


I get what you mean about 義 - I find it, and characters like it with more strokes, a bit easier to remember the stroke order for (and therefore probably more satisfying). The last few strokes of the 我 business at the bottom have a nice back and forth sort of feel.


Its definetely 一


Yeah that’s deffo number one :wink:


To me 子, 手 and 家 are the most difficult radicals to write.

What I really like are the boxy characters like 真, 世 and 面, and I also like the right-swoop-line in 心, 我 and 代.

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I really like the characters 曜 水 年 電 家 personally.


Yeah that right swoop action is where it’s at! I like writing 袋 for that reason :shopping:

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