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Recommended order/mildly spoiler-ish, maybe

Okay, so that I make sure I understand correctly, it sounds like the only way the play order matters is that when going for the good endings, you want to play Ending 3 before Ending 1.

Otherwise, the order doesn’t matter, right?

Basically, my thoughts on play order would be to follow 9-nine’s example and get the bad endings out of the way first, so have our playthrough (following the way the guide you posted lists things) go essentially:

Save 1 - Select the choice that gives you bad end. Play it out, then we start over from save 1, select the good option there, then go on to save 2.

Save 2 - Select the choice that gives the bad end. Play it out, and start over again, this time from save 2, select the good option, then play through to save 3.

Save 3 - Rinse and repeat, starting back over from save 3 after bad end.

Save 4 - This is where things split a bit; since we would want to get that epilogue, we would select the option points us Endings 2, 3, and the final bad end.

Save 5 - Select bad, play it through, start over from Save 5.

Save 6 - We have some variability here, but where End 3 seems to have the more direct impact on End 1, it seems to make sense to go with End 2 first, then loop back, play through End 3, and then finally loop back to Save 4 to get End 1 with the Epilogue.

Of course, all that assumes I’m following what the guide wants us to do properly.