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Welcome to Week 17 of Fatal Twelve!

We are reading Fatal Twelve as part of the Visual Novel Book Club! Fatal Twelve is a mystery VN with a death game premise and multiple endings.

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  1. (from SAVE04) 返事はできない

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(Spoilers up to first choice point only.)

Well, that first ending (“Fixed Destiny”) is an odd one. I’m not sure what I think about that…

Spoilers up to the first choice point

Yeah that ending was kind of weird. I thought it was going to take a much darker turn after Parca took over Rinka’s body but then she was just trying to live a normal life. Also I’m guessing Parca was Linda or the other sister since when she saw the cat she mistook it for レオ at first.

I didn’t really understand the epilogue for this ending. Rinka’s eyes turned back to the red color but her speech patterns still resembled Parca’s so I don’t think Rinka did anything to take her body back. Her dying at the end felt random too.

Reply about up to first choice point

Not sure why hair color and “color contact”. Maybe some unmentioned supernatural effect.

About the epilogue, I think that one is about Parca changing timeline before she takes over the body. She doesn’t want the timeline of living Parca to exist. (Though some memory may still remain.)

Seeing that Rinka will burn anyway, so fixed destiny ???


Was there anything about hair colour? Rinka’s eye colour changes from red to amethyst because Parca takes over her body and the body gets Parca’s eye colour as a result, which confuses Naomi, who then explains it away to herself as Rinka having decided to wear coloured contact lenses.

Rinka dying felt to me like a “Parca miscalculated and her plan doesn’t work” thing – she successfully takes over Rinka’s body but isn’t successful in changing the timeline enough that Rinka isn’t fated to be dead, so her “live a normal life” victory is short-lived… It was all a bit under-explained, though. Maybe we’ll get some more information on one of the other routes through the VN, or maybe not.


Only in game CG, but game characters don’t say, so probably doesn’t change.


Interesting. I don’t remember that changing in the PS4 graphics; but I’d have to replay the section to check.

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Sorry. I, for some reasons, think that Rinka’s hair is half red.

TIL, Rinka has a yellow.


I’ve reached a point which has a conversation with the character in the “this week’s endpoint” screenshot, but it didn’t have that particular line in it; and that character doesn’t turn up very often. So I’m wondering if this is perhaps a script difference between the PC and PS4 versions – could somebody provide the in game date for that conversation (or just tell me there’s a second conversation with that character a bit further on so keep going), please?


Yes, there is a second conversation. I remember that he says he will appear in her dream again tomorrow night. This week’s endpoint is the last thing he says she thinks in the following dream.


Morning-after after the endpoint is 7/17 Tue


Thanks, I have now found the endpoint. FWIW on the PS4 version this line is white text on a plain black background with no background image.


Spoilers up to the end of this week:

In the route we are following after that bad end, in one of the conversations at the end of this week’s section Lethe mentions that Parca’s power isn’t strong enough to change reality that much, and because she should have died a hundred years ago reality will very quickly snap into a “this person is dead” course. So I guess that’s what we saw in the bad end…

About after first choice point

It seems that Parca explained herself before taking over Rinka’s body as well. That is, having to continually forcefully escape the mainstream.

Still wonder about the eye color. Does it have to change? Did Miharu’s eye color change too or alike?


Parca did not take over Miharu’s body. It is said several times that they only met in her dreams. I am not sure if it is ok to compare these two situations. Interestingly enough, Parca and Miharu share the same eye color. Did Federico undergo a change in eye color after becoming Parca’s 器?

This week's spoilers

Pretty interesting week. I also initially found the bad ending very strange, specially considering Palka’s ability to manipulate “fate” should have prevented her from dying like that, but then レテ’s explanation after afterwards makes it clear why things turn out that way.

I kinda like this VN’s approach to the supernatural events - it gives them an interesting explanation while still hinting at some sort of divine being whose actual actions or intentions are not clear but are not really part of the narrative. This gives the tale a sense of mystery, which I prefer over stories where the author tries to explain everything and it mostly ends up inconsistent.

I am still wondering quite a bit about what Mao actually knows about what’s going on. The game also seems to emphasize quite a bit on her suffering whenever she loses her friends in the bad endings (also, isn’t this the second bad ending where we get some extra Mao CG?). I hope the game gives us more details from her point of view, though it seems we are close to the final character count, so I’m not sure if there’s an actual Mao route or not.