Fallynleaf's study log

Made it to level 49!

Another fourteen day level! This update is several days late because I have family staying over, so I haven’t had the time to finish the update post until now. I’ve had to prioritize my SRS reviews, NaNoWriMo, and the TJPW translations, and everything else has fallen by the wayside a bit.

My conversational Spanish class wrapped up this week! It was a good experience for me, I think! I’m still slow and awkward at conversing, but I’m able to understand a lot. I’ve also been surviving work, though it hasn’t been the most fun experience… :sweat:

My burned item count as of the beginning of this level: ??? (I… forgot to write it down :sweat_smile:. I did pass the 50% burned mark, though!)

Fun encounters with Japanese outside of WaniKani:

I made a short thread on my TJPW translation twitter account about my, uh, lack of twitter replacement plans, and I included my favorite tweet from NOAH wrestler Masa Kitamiya, translating his “プロレスは諸行無常” line. I was surprised but pleased to see him like my tweet about it. If nothing else, I’m glad that at least he knows how much that line means to me, because it truly is something I think about a lot. Though Masa Kitamiya is not a wrestler I ever would have expected to like any of the tweets on my TJPW translation account, haha.

TJPW wrestler Raku posted a tweet that absolutely floored me after she and Yuki Aino challenged for the tag team belts. She said: “愛があれば大丈夫だ” and included a picture of the two of them, which is so incredibly sweet. I could actually straight up read this in the discord embed without any problems, which is always fun.

I’ve started to see more of the Japanese twitter base realize that twitter is under threat currently. Yuna Manase from Ganbare Pro Wrestling shared this video of Ken Ohka, the heart and soul of GanPro, promising that he won’t let twitter end, haha.

AEW had a pretty strong past week. Eddie Kingston finally got his match with DDT’s Jun Akiyama (he actually got two! A tag match and then a singles before the PPV. That one is super emotional and it’s actually free on youtube, if you want to watch a man get to live his dream. It’s in English, though :sweat_smile:).

CyberFight president Sanshiro Takagi came with Jun and Konosuke Takeshita (who made his own return to AEW, now with a shiny new dual DDT/AEW contract. Let’s just hope it goes better for him than Kota Ibushi’s dual DDT/NJPW went for him, all those years ago…). Sadly, Takagi didn’t have a match, though apparently they would have given him one if he’d brought his gear, haha. He gave one of his 大社長 shirts to AEW president Tony Khan. I have a fondness for this shirt because it’s one of the first Japanese words I was able to read in wrestling.

(If you’re reading this in a post-twitter future, the pics accompanying the aforementioned tweets are included in this post).

It’s been fun seeing Takagi hanging out with the AEW folks, including Kenny. A lot of Japanese fans and wrestlers have also tweeted about feeling moved by Eddie’s match and story with Jun. Takagi wants to bring Eddie to DDT next…

Hours after he made his return to the AEW ring, Kenny showed up in a video package in NJPW, challenging Will Ospreay to a match at Wrestle Kingdom. I can’t say I’m looking forward to that match, even if I was still a fan of NJPW (though naturally I will watch it anyway…). I was admittedly amused that Kenny did his whole promo for it in Japanese, though, throwing some shade at Ospreay as well as appealing to the fans at the same time, despite it being a pretty heelish promo.

Lastly, I just wanted to share this clip from an old DDT match, which I found pretty funny despite not being someone who cares at all about the World Cup. I was actually able to catch quite a bit of the Japanese commentary, haha.

みんなの日本語 Lesson 44 – Lesson 45

I… did not finish lesson 44 in time for this update :sweat_smile:. I’m about halfway through my workbook exercises for it. I’m hoping I’ll be able to catch up on my textbook lessons next week when I have more free time.

I did get the lesson 45 vocab added to Anki, though! 優勝する was a familiar friend, after all the wrestling translations I’ve been doing. It took me a month or so of doing translations before I figured out the actual nuance differentiating that word from other words for “win”.

I updated the MNN kanji by WK level spreadsheet with the lesson 45 kanji!


Spanish (Reading: finishing Antes de Ser Libres, starting Redbone)

I finished Antes de Ser Libres! I liked it! I had a bit of a hard time picking what to read next, though, because I’m running out of time to have access to library materials, and I know that I’m probably not going to get a lot of reading done next month when I pivot back to listening.

I ended up choosing a Spanish translation of the comic Redbone, which is written by Christian Staebler and Sonia Paoloni and illustrated by Thibault Balahy. The comic is about the band of the same name, which I admittedly know very little about! I don’t know a lot of music history, so I’m learning a fair amount as I read it. I picked up the comic because it seemed well within my skill level and is short enough for me to be able to easily finish it within the month.

Still going strong with the read every day challenge!

I even managed to finish chapter 6 of volume three of 大海原と大海原 in between TJPW translations! Just five more chapters to go… :sweat_smile:. I still think finishing the book by the end of the year is in the cards, though!

I got three TJPW show translations done:

2022.11.06 TJPW AUTUMN TOUR ’22 — (7 words added)
2022.11.13 TJPW CITY CIRCUIT AUTUMN~荒井優希地元凱旋興行~ — (5 words added)
2022.11.20 TJPW AUTUMN TOUR ’22 — (7 words added)

The November 13 show was in KBS Hall! The prettiest venue…

I’ll share a picture of it in lieu of the usual Anki statistics, since my new card freeze is still in effect until the end of the month:

New resources:

My books arrived! I’m going to try to get them arranged nicely on the shelf and get a good picture (ideally by the next update), because my collection of books in Japanese has really grown a lot over the past year especially…

Next steps:

I’m taking next week off of work, so I’ll hopefully have more time to work on my regular projects and also catch up on some of the stuff I’ve fallen behind on! I’m going to try to finish my basic Japanese language learning guide for wrestling fans, because I want to get it posted while twitter still exists, and that is looking more and more uncertain by the day…

I’m happy to say that I managed to convince Mr. Haku to archive the old DDT/TJPW English Update twitter account, so if twitter does go down, he has a backup of all of those literal years of history for those companies. In a sense, I’m almost glad that I had to learn to live without his work over the past year, because if he hadn’t left at the end of 2021, I’d have been especially devastated at twitter’s impending doom, as it would mean the end of live translation threads for wrestling shows.

I’m still really sad about that prospect, but I’ve also learned how to survive on my own! I don’t think I could handle trying to translate TJPW and DDT both, if the current DDT English guy loses his job when twitter goes, but I could keep doing what I’ve been doing with TJPW, at least. I think pro wrestling would be able to adapt to a twitter-less environment, because wrestling always adapts, but the medium is already just so unarchival as it is…

But, well,

Onward to level 50! 行くぞ!


Made it to level 50!

It took a little over twelve days, which is on the quicker end for me. Technically, this is another slightly late update, but I didn’t end up having as much time as I’d hoped over the first half of this last level, so I had to spend my week off doing a bit of catching up.

The last half of National Novel Writing Month went well! My fourteen year winning streak continues!

The new lesson items have caused my lesson backlog to increase more than usual, so I upped my daily lesson count to 12 a day again (3 kanji + 9 vocab). I might reduce it once I catch up, or just stay at that number until I finish WK. Not sure yet! Since NaNoWriMo is over, I have a little more free time, which will increase even more when December ends.

I also was amused to learn 大麻(たいま) (marijuana) this past level, which is actually one of the first Japanese words I learned from wrestling, though the way I learned it was pretty unconventional. That was the name of the site you used to go to when you wanted to pirate wrestling shows :sweat_smile:. Taima is now defunct, though, so you have to go elsewhere if you want to illegally watch wrestling. I didn’t know the site was named after a Japanese word until I was reading one of Mr. Haku’s translations for a Hiragana Muscle show and he defined that word and I made the connection, haha.

My burned item count as of the beginning of this level: 4711 (and 3474 on KW!)

Fun encounters with Japanese outside of WaniKani:

DDT wrestlers Chris Brookes and Mao had one of the funniest interactions I’ve seen on twitter when Mao was trying to promote a show they were both going to be at. The conversation is a really amusing mixture of Japanese and English.

The Japanese AEW account started a series of videos where Danhausen says just one Japanese word. Here’s the first one, in which he says “オヤスミ”. I appreciated the #ひとことハウゼン hashtag because he’ll often make various plays on his name in English, adding “hausen” to the end of various words (like referring to his “fanhausens” or saying stuff like “Danhausen is in Waleshausen”), and so they carried over that same joke in Japanese.

Kota Ibushi made a fun tweet with him and Michael Nakazawa at the secret base. Kenny apparently sent Kota a bunch of protein powder from the brand he sponsors, which made me laugh (how romantic!). I’m still a bit floored by the fact that we live in a world where they’re just casually mentioning each other on twitter again after three and a half years of keeping kayfabe and only having extremely charged interactions, so the “ケニーありがとう!!” made me smile :smiling_face_with_tear:. My friends and I spent a while discussing what he could be referring to with “無事完了” and the handshake.

New Japan Pro Wrestling is apparently hiring English to Japanese translators to translate the backstage comments of English speaking wrestlers (as well as possibly other languages, probably Spanish). I wouldn’t apply even if I was qualified, because after this year, I don’t think I’d ever want to work for NJPW, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen a wrestling company actually recruiting translators.

Here’s the page on their site about the job, if the tweet ever goes down, though I’m not sure how stable that page is. And hey, looks like I was right! They have this down on the list of 歓迎スキル: “※スペイン語 ⇐⇒ 日本語テキストへの翻訳、スペイン語通訳の経験.” I’m bummed they don’t specify the pay, though. I was curious what this kind of work even offers! This is pretty much exactly the translation work that I do as a fan, except I translate from Japanese/Spanish into English. And I’m also not good enough to translate from video/audio alone, haha! And I’m much, much slower at it than the kind of turnaround they want for this. But, yeah! Proof that this is a real job that really exists, if anyone was doubting this!

みんなの日本語 Lesson 44 – Lesson 46

It was tough, but I managed to complete both lessons 44 and 45, and also 練習K! I don’t know if I have anything specific to say about any of it, but I’m so close to reaching the end of the textbook! Just five more lessons to go!

I’ve added the lesson 46 vocab, but haven’t started working on the lesson yet.

I updated the MNN kanji by WK level spreadsheet with the lesson 46 kanji!


Spanish (Reading: Redbone) (Listening: Frontera Verde)

I finished Redbone! My dad was intrigued by the comic and kept flipping through it even though he can’t read Spanish, so I ended up ordering a copy of it in English for him. I might try reading it at some point just to check how well I understood it.

I tried watching the Spanish show Elite (with Spanish subtitles), thinking that since it was in a high school setting, it’d be easier, but as it turns out, there’s a lot of violence and sex and drugs and stuff, which my vocabulary (which has so far come from reading children’s books…) is not very well-equipped to deal with, and on top of that, Castilian Spanish is harder for me :sweat_smile:. So I think I’m saving this show until later!

Instead, I started watching Frontera Verde, which is a Columbian crime drama. Happy to report that even though this show also includes murder, the Spanish is a lot easier for me! This show also includes indigenous languages like Tikuna and Huitoto, which I have no familiarity with, but I haven’t had too much trouble following the Spanish subtitles.

I finished the winter read every day challenge with a perfect score! And once again, I signed up for the listen every day challenge on the off-month.

I read… part of chapter 7 of 大海原と大海原 volume 3! I had grand plans of finishing another chapter, but then had to translate a TJPW contract signing kind of last minute, so that did not happen! I’m still working on finishing up the last bit of the translation for the Korakuen Hall show on November 27. I’m technically two shows behind right now, but the show this week has a much smaller workload, so I’m hoping to get caught up soon.

2022.11.24 TJPW contract signing — (9 words added)

I’m also about to lift the freeze on adding new cards to my main Anki deck! I was waiting for the MNN lesson vocab to stabilize, and I’m just about ready to add more now! It was definitely the right call to slow down on Anki over November, because I really didn’t need the additional stress.

New resources:

None! And no pictures of my shelf of Japanese books, because I didn’t manage to finish getting it organized :sweat_smile:. Maybe next level?

Next steps:

I didn’t manage to finish my basic Japanese language learning guide for wrestling fans, due to having to spend the time catching up on other stuff. I still want to do it, though! I’m going to try my best to find the time to get it done before my one year anniversary as a fan translator (the first show I did was DDT’s December 12, 2021 show).

I’m encouraged by twitter managing to survive the World Cup so far. I hope that means the site is a little more stable than people were fearing when it started hemorrhaging important staff. But, well, there are still plenty of ways the current ownership could ruin it, and I’m sure there are a lot of potential problems we’ve only avoided so far due to luck… I guess there’s really not much we can do besides hope for the best somehow.

Onward to level 51! 行くぞ!