Factoring in recall time when reviewing

I would like to discuss weather factoring in recall time would be a good idea when doing reviews.

My thought is that a fair amount of my burned kanji/vocab are not truely ‘burned’ in memory to the point where there is an immediate link between the kana and the meaning/pronunciation. If I were to review them now, I would type the correct answer, but only after thinking for a bit. What if there were an option to not elevate the review to burned until the recall time is less than a second, or some fair (or even customizable) value.

I understand that implementing a feature like this might be too much work for the reward, but I still wanted to throw the idea out there.

I think they want to avoid complicating the algorithm too much. There’s a workaround in the meantime, whereby you can just revive burned items if you think you need to review them again. There’s also a user script for reviewing burned items without reviving them.

I will look into user scripts. Thank you

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