Facebook page missing?


My noob box says there’s a Facebook group at https://facebook.com/wanikani, but when I go there, Facebook claims WaniKani isn’t a thing. Did it get beleted?


Everything is explained in here :slight_smile:


Herp derp thank you!


Didn’t know about this (I don’t do any social media except WK and language exchange).
Gotta say, though… I love Koichi’s message.

42+ :heart:


Is it ironic that all the time I used to spend on Facebook I now spend on WaniKani?

Seriously though, at least I’m doing something productive with my time now.


I stopped using FB almost at all last June. Guess when I joined WK :slight_smile:


We’re cleaning out those Facebook references and we’ll get that off the newbie list in the next day or so. Spring cleaning feels awesome. :wink:


I do have a Facebook account, but the creepiness has made me stay away for years now.


On the subject of Facebook, I use it, but really only for messaging purposes and if there was an alternative that didn’t require me hassling about 50 or so people to use I would use it in a heartbeat.

Yes there’s SMS and email but no one I know ever checks their email and SMS is rather personal compared to internet messaging.

Also, I didn’t even know Tofugu was on Facebook so your competing for my attention failed Koichi! :wink:


Almost exactly the same story here. I still go on less than once a week.