Eyes move too much

Not sure how to express the problem.

The kanjis are too far down to the “meaning” or “reading” mention. You have to look at the kanji, then look down to see if you have to write the meaning or the reading, then maybe to look up to read the kanji again, then look down again to see what you’re typing. That get my eyes tired. It does not feel very ergonomic.

Maybe just have less space between all the elements on the screen would be better.

Reading has black bar and meaning has white bar, maybe try to recognize colors there through peripheral vision? :eyes: Needs training, works for me though.


Another cue is that the reading will transform into kana automatically, while the meaning doesn’t, it’s always good to double-check anyways :sweat_smile:


Do you do your reviews 10cm away from an 80" screen ?

Except making a dumb joke, I can’t help you since I don’t have this problem, I just look at the kanji, get the meaning and reading from my brain and write

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