Extensive listening thread 👂 (2024)

I finished watching both seasons.
I had a ton of fun with it, though the quality is not consistent throughout the series. With 16 episodes over 2 seasons, I feel it was exactly the right length.
For those who don’t know what it is, think roughly along the lines of squid game to get a feel for it. I watched it in Japanese with Japanese subtitles.

Points I liked about 今際:

  • Starts off strong. Hooks you right with episode 1.
  • Games can be pretty creative, I would say I liked 80% of them. The queen of spades was stupid though and all games after weren’t as great.
  • Production value is top-notch. Especially enjoyable for people who have visited Tokyo at least once.
  • Finished story.
  • Can be enjoyed even if one doesn’t catch all the language. Though, enjoyment is enhanced the more one understands what’s happening in the games.

Points I wasn’t so fond off:

  • Some characters surviving all the time became a running gag for me. Seriously… (アグニ???)
  • Some characters were sometimes doing stupid stuff for the stories’ sake -.-.
  • Pacing wasn’t perfect. Mid season 1 and first episode season 2 as well as 6/7 felt a little off.
  • Needed a dictionary pretty regularly to understand everything that was going on ^^. This is more of a problem in season 2.

Favorite Characters:
チシヤ, ミラ I liked it whenever they were on screen ^^.

Would love to talk smack with spoilers about the series if somebody else watched it and has opinions. So feel free to write down your own thoughts about the series please!

Overall, I would recommend everybody to watch it. If you can stomach a little gore (has 16 age rating) and darker stories, it can be quite the enjoyable watch.

Now I need something more mellow, though. Me thinks I should get on the Bochi the Rock hype train :smiley: