Explain this context sentence

I am refering to the last sentence. Shouldn’t it mean “on the next chance/opportunity please” ?

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Yeah, that’s basically what “I’ll take a rain check” means. Are you unfamiliar with the English? Maybe it’s an American thing (if you’re not American). I’m American and it sounds normal to me.

Basically this is a figurative usage borne of the original actual rain-related use.



Yes. I am not american first time i hear about this


Agreed, お願いします, can be used to order in a restaurant, I’ll take the steak please. So you could translate this as. I’ll take the next opportunity please. Which is strange(for Americans). I’ll take a rain check communicates this more naturally(for Americans), and still means, I’d like to take you up on the next opportunity we can agree upon, almost like; I can’t come, but next time for sure.

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